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      Advocatetanmoy provides free access to a range of resources related to Indian law, including the Mimamsha Sutram of Jaimini . The Mimamsha Sutram is a Sanskrit text that discusses Hindu law and philosophy, and was written by Jaimini, one of the most influential Vedic thinkers and commented by Sabar Swami. The Mimamsha Sutram covers topics such as Dharma, the law of Karma, and the role of Yagna (creation of energy) in human life. It is an important source of information for those interested in Indian Dharmic tradition and philosophy and provides valuable insights into the Vedic ritualistic civilization.

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      Dharmasindhu’ by Pt. Kashinathashastree Upadhyay, 1790-91

      धर्मसिंधु – प्रथम परिच्छेद

      Dharmasindhu -1st Chapter

      I salute Vignesha for the work I have undertaken to make Dharmasindhu enlightened. I bow down to Srivitthal, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Ocean of Compassion, the instant gratifier, the giver of sorrows to the distressed, the exploiter of the ocean in the form of Patakas, the attractor of the intellect of Rukmini as Lakshmi, and whose character is difficult to trace even though he resides in the heart of every living being. 1 Salutations to Lord Shankara, the destroyer of sins and the benefactor of devotees. May that Lord Shankar keep his crown (Akshayi) on my head day and night. Parvati, Ganapati, Brahma and Saraswati – all these I immediately bow down 2. Salutations to Sri Lakshmi, Garuda, Sesha, Pradyumna, Narayana, Maruti, Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Shani, Kartika Swami, Indradi, all Gods, Guru, Mother, Ananta, the Father and Great One, who wrote the Madhava Dharma Shastra. By doing so, I compose a book called Dharmabdhisara. In this book, there will be no punctuation and no abbreviation will be used. Apart from the original verses of the ancient scriptures like Nichransindhu, I am writing in the order of Nichransindhu to understand the well-known meanings of the verses in those books.

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