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      My own convictions as to negro slavery are strong. It has its evils and abuses…We recognize the negro as God and God’s Book and God’s Laws, in nature, tell us to recognize him – our inferior, fitted expressly for servitude…You cannot transform the negro into anything one-tenth as useful or as good as what slavery enables them to be.— Jefferson Davis

      There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s book and write your own.

      — Albert Einstein

      Every religion oppresses women. I talk about the Koran because I know this book best. It allows for torture and other mistreatment, especially for women. And I despise the Sharia laws. They cannot be changed. They must be thrown out, abolished.

      — Taslima Nasrin

      It is written in the Jewish law book, the Talmud, that only the Jew is human, that Gentiles are only animals.

      — Julius Streicher

      You dont have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

      — Ray Bradbury

      For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.”

      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

      Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.”

      ― Robert A. Heinlein


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      ritu raj JNU

      Law Society of Ireland: Wills, Probate and Estates 7th ed

      ISBN13: 9780198846888

      Previous Edition ISBN: 9780198806950
      Published: March 2022

      Publisher: Oxford University Press

      The seventh edition of Wills, Probate and Estates has been written to provide trainee solicitors with a clear and thorough understanding of current best practice in the area of wills, trusts, probate, and the administration of estates. The manual takes into account all recent changes in legislation.

      The book outlines the basic elements of a will, familiarising trainees with the common law and statutory background, and enabling them to draft wills and simple trusts in accordance with statute and their clients’ informed instructions. It then outlines how to obtain the necessary grant of representation on the death of a client, either with or without a will, and how to administer such an estate, taking into account the various obligations on the personal representative.

      Wills, Probate and Estates provides succinct and practical advice, provided by solicitors for solicitors, tackling questions of practice and procedure that are of central importance not only for students on the Professional Practice Course, but also to practitioners who deal with any area of wills, trusts, probate, or the administration of estates.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Succession Law

      Author: Christopher Lehane
      Publishing date: 31-03-2022
      ISBN: 9781526522245

      Succession law is the law governing the devolution of property on the death of its owner. This new book provides peerless analysis of this branch of law with extensive cross-referencing to related issues such as tax, conveyancing, family law, enduring powers of attorney, limitation of actions, estate accounts, private international law and trusts.It provides the reader with in-depth coverage of key Irish judgments, statutes, court rule provisions and Court and Probate Officer practice directions. The coverage is supplemented with Court Rule prescribed forms and many non-prescribed drafted forms, titles to grants of representation and checklists, which all readers will find invaluable aids to understanding and applying succession law in practice.This highly practical book includes a chapter on will drafting and estate planning and provides 10 precedent templates covering most testator requirements.

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      ritu raj JNU

      EU Law Nutshell

      Author : Matthew Holmes

      Publisher: Round Hall

      Publication Date: 21/02/2017

      ISBN: 9780414060999

      Jurisdiction: Ireland

      *The basics of EU law, including an overview of the history and institutions of the EU as well as the doctrines and procedures of EU law
      *A concise, up-to-date guide to EU law?specially tailored for those topics favoured by examiners
      *Thorough guidance on the sources and types of EU law including direct effect, supremacy, preliminary references, judicial review, enforcement of EU law, EU citizenship and the free movement of goods, services, establishment, persons and capital
      *An explanation of the basic principles, important cases, directives and regulations
      *Revision of the core taught/examined area in EU Law

      By both introducing and revising the law, this text is specifically tailored to both cover the basics of EU law for examination purposes and simplify this complex subject area for legal practitioners.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Schreuer’s Commentary on the ICSID Convention

      A Commentary on the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States
      3rd edition
      General editor Stephan W. Schill
      Edited by Loretta Malintoppi, August Reinisch, Christoph H. Schreuer, Anthony Sinclair
      Published online: 17 September 2022
      Print publication: 22 September 2022

      This unique compendium offers an article-by-article commentary on the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States. Providing a comprehensive explanation of the functioning of this important mechanism for the settlement of investor-State disputes, it incorporates the preparatory work, the Convention’s text, various rules and regulations adopted under the Convention, the practice of arbitral tribunals under the Convention, and academic writings on the subject. The first and second editions of this Commentary have been relied upon by numerous arbitral tribunals. This third edition follows the same system and approach, but extensive updates and revisions reflect the vast increase in arbitral practice since the publication of the second edition. A number of novel issues that have emerged through this practice are now addressed, making this practice-oriented guide an indispensable tool for anyone dealing with the ICSID Convention. Likewise, the number of contributors to and editors of the third edition has increased.

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      ritu raj JNU

      International Commercial Mediation

      Law and Regulation in Comparative Context
      Ronán Feehily
      Published online: 01 September 2022
      Print publication: 08 September 2022

      In this comprehensive comparative study, Ronán Feehily analyses the legal and regulatory issues surrounding international commercial mediation and discusses their implications in a range of settings. While existing literature tends to cover mediation in general, Feehily places the commercial mediation process in its legal and regulatory context, offering an original contribution to the field. The book identifies the controversies that arise from the mediation process across numerous jurisdictions and discusses them in detail. Comparing the mediation process in Europe, North America and Australia, as well as other common, civil and ‘mixed’ jurisdictions, Feehily demonstrates where systemic differences are transcended and where they are significant. Organised systematically and written in an accessible style, Feehily offers an international, holistic guide to the commercial mediation process.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization

      3rd edition
      David Palmeter, Petros C. Mavroidis, Niall Meagher
      Published online: 27 January 2022
      Print publication: 17 February 2022

      The WTO dispute settlement process has evolved in recent years into one of the most successful, yet complex, systems of international arbitration. In this extensively revised new edition of Palmeter, Mavroidis, and Meagher’s authoritative book on WTO dispute settlement, the authors provide a comprehensive overview of each step of the WTO dispute settlement process, examining both the history of the system, the governing legal rules, and the more informal procedural aspects of the process in detail. This edition takes into account the jurisprudence of panels and the Appellate Body up to the end of 2020 and includes an analysis of the current crisis in the WTO Appellate Body. This volume is an essential tool for practitioners, diplomats, government lawyers, and students of WTO law and should equally be of interest to students of other forms of international arbitration.

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      ritu raj JNU

      The Cambridge Handbook of Class Actions
      An International Survey

      Edited by Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Randall S. Thomas
      Published online: 29 January 2021
      Print publication: 18 February 2021

      Economic activity is more globally integrated than ever before, but so is the scope of corporate misconduct. As more and more people across the world are affected by such malfeasance, the differences in legal redress have become increasingly visible. This transparency has resulted in a growing convergence towards an American model of robust private enforcement of the law, including the class-action lawsuit. This handbook brings together scholars from nearly two dozen countries to describe and assess the class-action procedure (or its equivalent) in their respective countries and, where possible, to offer empirical data on these systems. At the same time, the work presents a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives on class actions, from economics to philosophy, making this handbook an essential resource to academics, lawyers, and policymakers alike.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Forensic Evidence

      Author : Ramachandran
      ISBN : 978-93-85444-85-2
      Edition : Lawman’s 2022
      Binding : Hardbound
      Language : English
      Pages : 1340
      Price : ₹ 1495


      Brain Finger Printing
      D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
      Narco-Analysis Test
      Lie Detector Tests
      Narco-Analysis – Criminals Privacy Versus Societys Necessity
      Finger Print Evidence
      Expert Evidence
      Cyber Forensics
      First Information Report
      Non-Cognizable Cases And Police Investigation
      Ballistic Expert Report
      Birth During Marriage, Conclusive – Proof of Legitimacy
      Circumstantial Evidence
      Medical Evidence And Ocular Evidence
      Ante-Mortem Injuries And Medico Legal Aspect
      Post-Mortem Examination
      Forensic Autopsy
      Concept Of Toxicology
      Inquest Report – Inquiry Into Case Of Sudden Unnatural Deaths, Suicides Etc.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Guide to Judicial Service Examinations

      Author : Lawmann’s
      ISBN : 978-93-85444-78-4
      Edition : 2020
      Binding : Paperback
      Language : English
      Pages : 1280
      Price : ₹ 1195

      Multiple Choice Question on following Topics :
      Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
      Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
      Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
      Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
      Constitution of India
      Indian Contract Act, 1872
      Environment (Protection) Act, 1986
      Indian Evidence Act, 1872
      Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956
      Hindu Disposition of Property Act, 1916
      Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
      Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
      Hindu Succession Act, 1956
      Limitation Act, 1963
      Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013
      Muslim Law
      Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
      Indian Partnership Act, 1932
      Indian Penal Code, 1860
      Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012
      Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955
      Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993
      Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
      Registration Act, 1908
      Right to Information Act, 2005
      Sale of Goods Act, 1930
      Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989
      Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013
      Specific Relief Act, 1963
      Law of Torts
      Transfer of Property Act, 1882
      Indian Trusts Act, 1882

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      ritu raj JNU

      Law of Writs (Practice and Procedure)

      Author : Abhishek Atrey
      ISBN : 978-93-84668-19-8
      Edition :Lawman’s 2021
      Binding : Hardbound
      Language : English
      Pages : 1028
      Price : ₹ 1195


      Delay and Latches
      Habeas Corpus Writ
      Mandamus Writ
      Certiorari Writ
      Prohibition Writ
      Quo-Warranto Writ
      Writ under Appointment cases
      Writ under departmental Enquiries
      Writ under dismissal cases
      Writ under misconduct
      Writ under natural Justice Cases
      Writ under pay scale cases
      Writ under pension cases
      Writ under probationer cases
      Writ under promotion cases
      Writ under regularization cases
      Writ under removal cases
      Writ under reinstatement cases
      Writ under retirement
      Writ under suspension cases
      Writ under termination of service cases
      Writ under transfer cases
      Fundamental Rights
      Practice and Procedure

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      ritu raj JNU

      Art of a Lawyer – (Cross Examination, Advocacy, Courtmanship)

      Author : Chief Justice Dr B Malik

      ISBN : 9789351439424

      EDITION : Lexix Nexix 12th

      COPYRIGHT YEAR : 2017


      This book is a repository of enriching and enlightening articles on ‘art of advocacy, courtmanship, lawyering and cross-examination of witness’, by top notch legal luminaries from the Bench and the Bar, in addition to those from administrative and army functionaries, from America, England, Africa, Pakistan and of course India. I, as revising editor, was given the liberty of doing away with contents of the book which, may not be relevant to the contemporary times or considered obsolete. Having gone through the book in minute details, I find no room to substantiate that any of the articles, except two, can be dispensed with, though some of the articles by legal luminaries from America have dealt at length with the duty to and by the Jury in Court, as the articles also contain guidelines for behavioural attitude by advocates and lawyers, in course of Court proceedings, though the practice of Jury in Indian Courts has been done away with. Thus, the articles as ‘Pole Star’ have been and shall remain relevant for all times to come, having regard to the fact that the basic character and principles necessary for advocacy, courtmanship and lawyering can never change with times. Five articles by the renowned jurist, ‘Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer’, under the captions ‘Adjudication in Trial Courts’, ‘Dynamic Lawyering, Juristic Engineering and Ethical Standards — Making of a Good Lawyer’, ‘Free Legal Aid and Poor Litigants’, ‘Free Legal Aid Code-A Social Service Measure, and ‘The Bar Must Promote in Court’, have been included in the instant edition. A new chapter entitled ‘Golden Rules of Cross-Examination’ has been introduced in the instant edition. The chapter on ‘Classes of Witnesses and as to the Mode of Cross-Examining them’, has been improved and enhanced with additional matter of case laws under the topics ‘The Lying Witness’, ‘The Nervous Witness’ and ‘The Stupid Witness’, with introduction of the types of witnesses with case laws wherever applicable, namely, ‘Accomplice Witness’, ‘Biased or Interested or Partisan Witness’, ‘Child Witness’, ‘Exaggerating and Enthusiastic Witness’, ‘Deaf and Dumb Witness’, ‘Eye-witnesses’, ‘Guilty Witness’, ‘Party as Witness’, ‘Ignorant or Illiterate Witness’, ‘Police Witness’, ‘Court Witness’, ‘Pious Witness (Priests and Clergymen)’, ‘Conscientious Witness’, ‘Unwilling Witness’, ‘Excited witness’, and ‘Hypnotized Witness’. It is expected that this edition in its 59th year of publication will continue to render its dominant guidance and service in the arena of advocacy for the practising advocates, as well as serving as a sermon for, and building up the character of, the enterprising lawyers.

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      ritu raj JNU

      Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, Done at Montreal on

      28 May 1999 (Montreal Convention of 1999)
      Elmar Giemulla, Ronald Schmid, Regula Dettling-Ott, Wolf Muller-Rostin

      Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air is an indispensable volume consisting of the full English text of the Montreal Convention of 1999 with detailed article-by-article annotation, including all developments to date in case law, legal literature, national and international legislation, and administrative law. After decades of controversy, a unified liability system for international carriage by air was established by the Montreal Convention of 1999, which came into force in November 2003. The legal labyrinth created by the numerous perplexing accretions that had attached themselves to the Warsaw Convention was replaced by the new convention.

      What’s in this book:

      The following crucial aspects of the ongoing developments have been addressed:

      applicability of the Convention;
      documents for carriage;
      liability for death or injury of passengers;
      liability for damages to baggage and cargo and for delay;
      exoneration from liability;
      carriage involving a contractual and an actual carrier;
      time limits for filing a claim and forfeiture;
      exclusivity of the Convention versus applicability of national law; and
      insurance issues.

      This unique book also features a synopsis comparing the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, IATA Conditions and Resolutions, relevant European Union Regulations, and a list of the contracting parties to the Convention.

      Table Of Contents
      About the Authors

      List of Abbreviations


      Montreal Convention 1999

      Introduction: The System of Liability under the Warsaw Convention and Its Further Development by the Montreal Convention

      Elmar Giemulla

      CHAPTER I – General Provisions

      Article 1: Scope of Application

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 2: Carriage Performed by State and Carriage of Postal Items

      Elmar Giemulla

      CHAPTER II – Documentation and Duties of the Parties Relating to the Carriage of Passengers, Baggage and Cargo

      Article 3: Passengers and Baggage

      Ronald Schmid

      Preliminary Remarks on Articles 4–16

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 4: Cargo

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 5: Contents of Air Waybill or Cargo Receipt

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 6: Document Relating to the Nature of the Cargo

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 7: Description of the Air Waybill

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 8: Documentation for Multiple Packages

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 9: Non-compliance with Documentary Requirements

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 10: Responsibility for Particulars of Documentation

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 11: Evidentiary Value of Documentation

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Preliminary Remarks on Articles 12–15

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 12: Right of Disposition of Cargo

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 13: Delivery of the Cargo

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 14: Enforcement of the Rights of Consignor and Consignee

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 15: Relations of Consignor and Consignee or Mutual Relations of Third Parties

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 16: Formalities of Customs, Police or Other Public Authorities

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      CHAPTER III – Liability of the Carrier and Extent of Compensation for Damage

      Article 17: Death and Injury of Passengers: Damage to Baggage

      Ronald Schmid

      Preface to Article 18

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 18: Damage to Cargo

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 19: Delay

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 20: Exoneration

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 21: Compensation in Case of Death or Injury of Passengers

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 22: Limits of Liability in Relation to Delay, Baggage and Cargo

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 23: Conversion of Monetary Units

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 24: Review of the Limits of Liability

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 25: Stipulation on Limits

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 26: Invalidity of Contractual Provisions

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 27: Freedom to Contract

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 28: Advance Payments

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 29: Basis of Claims

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 30: Servants, Agents: Aggregation of Claims

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 31: Timely Notice of Complaints

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 32: Death of Person Liable

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 33: Jurisdiction

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 34: Arbitration

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 35: Limitation of Actions

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 36: Successive Carriage

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 37: Rights of Recourse Against Third Parties

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      CHAPTER IV – Combined Carriage

      Article 38: Combined Carriage

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      CHAPTER V – Carriage By Air Performed by a Person Other Than the Contracting Carrier

      Article 39: Contracting Carrier – Actual Carrier

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 40: Respective Liability of Contracting and Actual Carriers

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 41: Mutual Liability

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 42: Addresses of Complaints and Instructions

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 43: Servants and Agents

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 44: Aggregation of Damages

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 45: Addressee of Claims

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 46: Additional Jurisdiction

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 47: Invalidity of Contractual Provisions

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      Article 48: Mutual Relations of Contracting and Actual Carriers

      Regula Dettling-Ott

      CHAPTER VI – Other Provisions

      Article 49: Mandatory Application

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 50: Insurance

      Wolf Müller-Rostin

      Article 51: Carriage Performed in Extraordinary Circumstances

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 52: Definition of Days

      Ronald Schmid

      CHAPTER VII – Final Provisions

      Article 53: Signature, Ratification and Entry into Force

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 54: Denunciation

      Ronald Schmid

      Article 55: Relationship with Other Instruments Connected with the Warsaw Convention

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 56: States with More Than One System of Law

      Elmar Giemulla

      Article 57: Reservations

      Elmar Giemulla

      (Final Clause)

      Elmar Giemulla


      Annex I-1: Synopsis of MC, WC, WC/HP

      Annex I-2: Contracting Parties to the Montreal Convention 1999

      Annex II-1: Recommended Practice 1724

      Annex II-2: Recommended Practice 1601 Conditions of Carriage for Cargo

      Annex II-3: General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage (flight ticket GCC)

      Annex II-4: General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Cargo of Lufthansa Cargo Aktiengesellschaft as of March 2022

      Annex II-5: IATA–Resolution 507 B Revalidated for effect 1 October 1989 with indefinite expiry – Use of Surface Transportation

      Annex II-6: Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on insurance requirements for air carriers and aircraft operators

      Annex II-7: COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 2027/97 of 9 October 1997 on air carrier liability in respect of the carriage of passengers and their baggage by air as amended by Regulation (EC) No. 889/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 May 2002 amending Council Regulation (EC) No. 2027/97 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents

      Annex II-8: Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004

      Annex III-1a: International Civil Aviation Organization – Notification of Revision of Limits of Liability

      Annex III-1b: International Civil Aviation Organization – Notification of Effective Date of Revised Limits

      Annex III-2a: International Civil Aviation Organization

      Annex III-2b: International Civil Aviation Organization


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      ritu raj JNU

      Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Trusts, Eleventh Edition

      Stefano Simontacchi, Ilona McElroy, Rosaleen Carey

      Price: €237.00

      Product Line-Kluwer Law International

      Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Trusts is a highly practical book featuring a comprehensive analysis of legal and tax underpinnings of REIT-friendly legislation in a variety of the world’s most significant jurisdictions. Presently, there are more than thirty REIT regimes globally, the majority of which were enacted over the last fifteen years. The book primarily focuses on building a fundamental knowledge of the most important available REIT legislation and providing a deep analysis of the regulatory and tax laws for the REITs, investors, lawmakers and finance authorities. With regard to the legal framework, the structure and functioning of a REIT are carefully investigated and explained.

      In terms of tax issues, the book focuses on such critical issues as:

      REIT formation, operation and liquidation;
      mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; and
      planning for public and private REIT offerings and re-securitizations.


      General Reports

      Stefano Simontacchi

      Australia – Joshua Cardwell

      Belgium-Grégory Jurion, Evelyne Paquet & Maya van Belleghem

      Brazil-Eduardo Alves de Oliveira

      Bulgaria-Damyan Leshev & Ekaterina Aleksova

      Canada-Chris Vangou, Ken Griffin, Kevin Ng & Alex Howieson

      Finland-Samuli Makkonen & Mikko Leinola

      France-Philippe Emiel

      Germany-Uwe Stoschek

      Greece-Vassilios Vizas & Fredy Yatracou

      Hong Kong-Kwok Kay (KK) So & Jacky Wong

      Hungary-Gergely Juhász & Orsolya Bognár

      India-Bhairav Dalal & Anish Sanghvi

      Ireland-Ilona McElroy & Rosaleen Carey

      Italy-Fabrizio Acerbis & Daniele Di Michele

      Japan-Hiroshi Takagi, Adam Handler & Tomohiro Kandori

      Malaysia-Jennifer Chang

      Mexico-David Cuellar, Mario Alberto Gutierrez & Mario Alberto Rocha

      The Netherlands-Jeroen Elink Schuurman, Serge de Lange & Arief Roelse

      Singapore-Lim Maan Huey & Lennon Lee

      South Africa-Kyle Mandy

      South Korea-Taejin Park, Lee Jae-Dok, Hanna Kim & Sung Yeol Kim

      Spain-Antonio Sánchez Recio, Javier Mateos & Carlos Bravo Gutiérrez

      Turkey-Ersun Bayraktaroglu, Baran Akan & Birim Saran

      United Kingdom-Jonathan Clements

      United States-Tom Wilkin, David Gerstley, Adam Feuerstein, Julanne Allen, David Voss, Steve Tyler, Jordan Adelson & Cindy Mai


      Tax Treaty Issues Related to REITs


      The Granting of Treaty Benefits with Respect to the Income of Collective Investment Vehicles Public Discussion Draft 9 December 2009 to 31 January 2010 Centre for Tax Policy and Administration

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      ritu raj JNU

      3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation: Insights from Law and Technology

      Rosa Maria Ballardini, Marcus Norrgård, Jouni Partanen
      Price: €141.00
      Product Line-Kluwer Law International
      Product SKU-10057248-0001

      3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation evaluates the tensions created by 3D printing (3DP) technology in the context of growing global economy. The term ‘3DP’ (or, more correctly, additive manufacturing) refers to the software-driven technologies that create physical objects by successive layering of materials. As a result of the improved quality of objects produced and lowered processing costs, the availability of these technologies has caused major implications not only for manufacturers and distributors but also for users and consumers, raising unprecedented challenges for IP protection and enforcement. This is the first book to discuss 3DP technology from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses law, economics, engineering, technology and policy.

      What’s in this book:

      Twenty-five legal, technical and business experts have contributed sixteen peer-reviewed chapters, each focusing on a specific area. The topics covered include:

      current and future business models for 3D printing applications;
      intellectual property rights in 3D printing;
      essential patents and technical standards in additive manufacturing;
      patent and bioprinting;
      private use and 3D printing;
      copyright licences on the user-generated content (UGC) in 3D printing;
      copyright implications of 3D scanning; and
      traditional trademark infringement in the 3D printing context.

      Specific industrial applications – including aeronautics, automotive industries, construction equipment, toy and jewellery making, medical devices, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine – are touched upon in the course of analyses. In a legal context, the central focus is on the technology’s implications for US and European IP law, particularly in patenting bioprinting technologies.


      CHAPTER 1 3D Printing History, Principles and Technologies

      Jukka Tuomi, Sergei Chekurov & Jouni Partanen

      CHAPTER 2 Current and Future Business Models for 3D Printing Applications

      Iñigo Flores Ituarte, Siavash H. Khajavi & Mika Salmi

      CHAPTER 3 Intellectual Property Rights in the Era of 3D Printing

      Marcus Norrgård, Rosa Maria Ballardini & Miia-Mari Kasi

      CHAPTER 4 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Regulation: A Law and Economics Perspective

      Max Oker-Blom

      CHAPTER 5 Rethinking Additive Manufacturing and Intellectual Property Protection

      William Cass

      CHAPTER 6 Patenting Bioprinting-Technologies in the US and Europe: The Fifth Element in the Third Dimension

      Timo Minssen & Marc Mimler

      CHAPTER 7 Law and Technology of 3D Printing and Medical Devices

      Dhanay Cadillo Chandler & Mika Salmi

      CHAPTER 8 The Private and Non-commercial Use Defence Revisited: The Case of 3D Printing Technologies

      Rosa Maria Ballardini & Nari Lee

      CHAPTER 9 Essential Patents and Technical Standards in Additive Manufacturing

      Liguo Zhang, Iñigo Flores Ituarte & Rosa Maria Ballardini

      CHAPTER 10 Copyright Implications of 3D Scanning

      Michael Weinberg

      CHAPTER 11 Regulating Terms and Conditions of Copyright Licences on the User-Generated Content 3D Printing Platform

      Kan He

      CHAPTER 12 The Art of CAD: Copyrightability of Digital Design Files

      Mikko Antikainen & Daniël Jongsma

      CHAPTER 13 EU Design Law and 3D Printing: Finding the Right Balance in a New E-Ecosystem

      Ana Nordberg & Jens Schovsbo

      CHAPTER 14 Non-traditional Trademark Infringement in the 3D Printing Context

      Taina Pihlajarinne

      CHAPTER 15 ISP Liability in the 3D Printing Environment

      Petteri Günther & Marcus Norrgård

      CHAPTER 16 Implementing Digital Rights Management Tools for 3D Printing: Implications from the IPRs Perspective

      Viveca Still


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