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Medieval Era

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      The medieval, as perhaps no other civilization, attempted to conform nature and history to a supernatural, invisible, but above all perfect, reality because real ity was divine. Medieval man, also conscious of his misery and sin, tried in every way to make his own age an image of the eternal, beginning with those laws by which man was called to reign over the world in justice and peace. That ideal, a thousand times sought out and a thousand times defeated, was nevertheless the main characteristic of a millenium in which Western man conceived of himself as anthropos, the being who, according to the suggestive image of Plato and of Philo [A TREATISE OF LEGAL PHILOSOPHY AND GENERAL JURISPRUDENCE Editor-in-Chief: Enrico Pattaro – Volume 8-The Metaphysical Thought of Late Medieval Jurisprudence (by Andrea Padovani)

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