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      Tina DU

      Supreme Court in M/s. Shri Sitaram Sugar Co. Ltd. and Another v. Union of India and
      Others, 1990 (3) SCC 223:

      “47. Where a question of law is at issue, the Court may determine
      the tightness of the impugned decision on its own independent
      judgment. If the decision of the authority does not agree with
      that which the Court considers to be the right one, the finding
      of law by the authority is liable to be upset. Where it is a finding
      of fact, the Court examines only the reasonableness of the finding.
      When that finding is found to be rational and reasonably based
      on evidence, in the sense that all relevant material has been taken
      into account and no irrelevant material has influenced the decision,
      and the decision is one which any reasonably minded person
      acting on such evidence, would have come to, then judicial
      review is exhausted even though the finding may not necessarily
      be what the Court would have come to as a trier of fact.”

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