The Führer(Hitler)to the German People-22/06/1941

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    Britain from May to August, 1939, succeeded in broadcasting to the world that Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Bessarabia as well as the Ukraine were being directly threatened by Germany.

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    Adolf Hitler – speech in Munich -July 28, 1922


    Besides this we always find two great catchwords, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy,‘ used, I
    might say, as signboards. ‘Freedom’: under that term is understood, at least amongst those in authority who in fact carry on the Government, the possibility of an unchecked plundering of the masses of the people to which no resistance can be offered. The masses themselves naturally believe that under the term ‘freedom’ they possess the right to a quite peculiar freedom of motion – freedom to move the tongue and to say what they choose, freedom to move about the streets, etc. A bitter deception!

    And the same is true of democracy. In general even in the early days both England and
    France had already been bound with the fetters of slavery. With, I might say, a brazen security these States are fettered with Jewish chains….

    In consequence of this widespread aversion it was more difficult for the Jew to spread
    infection in the political sphere, and especially so since traditionally loyalty was centered in a person: the form of the State was a monarchy, and power did not lie with an irresponsible majority. Thus the Jew saw that here it was possible for an enlightened despotism to arise based upon the army, the bureaucracy, and the masses of the people still unaffected by the Jewish poison.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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