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      “Civil rights and interests” used in this Law shall include the right to life, the right to health, the right to name, the right to reputation, the right to honor, right to self image, right of privacy, marital autonomy, guardianship, ownership, usufruct, security interest, copyright, patent right, exclusive right to use a trademark, right to discovery, equities, right of succession, and other personal and property rights and interests.

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      Article 15 The methods of assuming tort liabilities shall include:

      1. cessation of infringement;
      2. removal of obstruction;
      3. elimination of danger;
      4. return of property;

      5. restoration to the original status;

      6. compensation for losses;

      7. apology; and

      8. elimination of consequences and restoration of reputation.

      The above methods of assuming the tort liability may be adopted individually or jointly.

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