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A written or printed statement made under oath.

  • Order VI Rule 15 (4) provides for affidavit in support of pleadings
  • In Sudha Devi V. M.P. Narayanan & Ors., AIR 1988 SC 1381, the Supreme Court held that affidavits are not included in the definition of “evidence” in Section 3 of the Evidence Act
  • If a party fails to produce the deponent of the affidavit filed by him for cross-examination, affidavit of the deponent failing to attend the Court must be ignored.

Whether a witness examined by Affidavit can be recalled for further evidence of facts not mentioned in Affidavit.

Affidavit, Verification, Knowledge Information and Belief

What will happen if a party to a suit does not stand on witness box and states his case on Affidavit ?

Format additional affidavit before Session Judge

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