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In fraudem legis. — A term used to imply that a thing is “contrary to the law.”

In Full Life. — A term used to indicate that a person is neither physically nor civilly dead.

In loco parentis. — Literally, in place of a parent.

In pari causa,— A term employed to denote that two parties are in equal right according to law, in which case, according to usage, the party having possession is regarded as of best right.

In pari delicto. — A term indicating that both parties to an issue are equally at fault, a case in which no relief can be obtained.

In propria persona. — Literally, in his own person.

In solidum in solido. — A term used in the making of a contract, and meaning, “For a whole as a whole.”

In statu quo. — Literally, in the same condition as before.

In toto. — Used legally to imply “in the whole.”

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