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FOREIGNERSFocus India: National Identity-Citizenship of India-Supreme Court in India-High courts In India-Subordinate Courts in India-Tribunals in India-Judicial CommissionsIndian Courts – Parliament – Indian Code Industries  International Law– Indian Law Topics

Basic Laws: Law of Contract-Principal Agent Relationship-Law of Indemnity & Guaranty Selling of Goods- Sectorial Business PolicyBanking Regulation– Foreign Trade– Social securityTransportation Law & Bailment-Insurance law- Power of Attorney- Currency & Coins

 Employment and Labour: Employment Policy-Vocational Calling-

Local AdministrationMunicipal Administration-Panchayat Administration-Administration of Tribal Areas-Center& State Relationship 

Special Laws: Family & Personal Law– Criminal law – Civil Law– –Food Law-Compensation Law- Public Records

Medical Laws & Ethics: Medical Practitioner`s Guide-Clinical Establishment Laws-Drugs & pharmaceutical laws-Clinical Equipment Law- Medical Education  Laws – Hand Book For Medical Stores & Sales-Prohibited Medical Practice.

Substantive Laws: Torts Law – Defamation law- Compensation law- Consumer Protection-Law of injunction- Human Rights

Constitutional Law: Constitution of IndiaConstitution of Jammu & Kashmir Writ Jurisdiction – Administrative Law- Minority ProtectionGovernment Liability- Right to Information-THE CONSTITUTION (ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST AMENDMENT) ACT, 2016

Taxation & Revenue Laws: -Income Tax-Custom Duty-Excise-  Goods and Services Tax-Comparative Taxation-Tracking Black Money-Law of Currency

Property Laws :  Intellectual Property Laws at a GlanceCyber LawProperty & Real Estate-Rights over Land Property-Rent Control-Succession of Property-Will-Wakf-Family Settlement-Trust-Devottar & Temple Management-Transfer of Property- Easement- Benami Property-Insolvency-Amalgamation of Immovable Property & Company amalgamation-Land Acquisition – Vesting of Property- Enemy Property- Cantonment & Military Property- Government Land-Adverse Possession- Pre emption- Property of Minor & Lunatic-Registration of Property- Auction of Property- Market Value of Property-Revenue Record & Mutation-Partition of Property-Hypothecation & Mortgage-Property Agreement-Heritage Property-Property Disputes & Specific Reliefs-Property related Offences-Property Insurance-Property Taxation    

Protection of Woman & Child: Domestic Violence-Law of Maintenance-Protection in workplace-Maternity benefits

Litigant Protection: Free Legal Aid-Litigant in Person

Miscellaneous Laws: Hospitality & Tourism Law 

Historical topicsAncient Codes– Oratory – The Hall of Fame

Law of the Nations: Australia – Canada- Singapore – United States(USA)United Kingdom(UK)Pakistan  

Legal Methodology: Jurisprudence- Interpretation of Law- Legal Classics

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