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Legal English is a branch of ‘English for Specific Purposes (ESP)’. It is used for a specific purpose such as legislative drafting, treaty drafting, drafting of court judgments or orders, Government notifications or circulars and drafting of agreements, etc.


Legal maxims

Legal terms and phrases

Legal Vocabulary

Parliamentary Terms

Understanding the anatomy of a Statute

  • Taxing Statute
  • Procedural Statute
  • Substantive Statute
  • Special statute

Court Room Vocabulary

Police and Investigation Vocabulary

Sanskrit Legal Terms(विधि शब्दावली )

Naya -Mimamsa Terms

Kautilya Artha Sastra Terms

  1. Peace (sandhi).
  2. War (vigraha).
  3. Observance of neutrality (ásana).
  4. Marching (yána).
  5. Alliance (samsraya).
  6. Making peace with one and waging war with another (dvaidhíbháva).

Conciliation (sama).
Gifts (dana).
Dissension (bhed).
Coercion (danda)

Glossary Tools

  1. Law Points and Terms
  2. Judicial Dictionary
  3. Statutory definitions 

Legal communication

Types of communication

  • Intrapersonal
  • dyadic
  • small group
  • public
  • mass
  • Court Room
  • Bar association
  • Lawyers` Agitation
  • Private audience with a Judge
  • Condolence Meeting and Reverence
  • Meet the Bar Council Chairman
  • Client Handling

Communication competence

  • pronunciation
  • intonation
  • accent
  • rhythm
  • articulation
  • modulation & pitch,
  • body language
  • tone
  • Choice of Language: English -Hindi-Regional
  • choice of words

Characteristics of competent communicators

Listening styles

  • Critical listening
  • Listening and Taking Notes
  • Take note in Examination -of -Chief
  • Take instruction from a Senior Advocate


Indian Legal Discourse

Legal Sermon

Oral Presentation

Legal Drafting



Legislative Drafting

Scholarly Writing

Judgment Writing

Writing General Order

Trial Court

Appeal Court

  • Per curium Judgment
  • Dissent Judgment


Judgment Summary for Media

Arbitration Awards

Disciplinary Proceeding

Mental Aptitude


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