West Bengal Land Reforms (Bargadars) Rules 1956

the State of West Bengal

The period, within which all the lawful heirs of a deceased bargadar, where there are more than one lawful heir, may determine, under sub-section (1) of section 15A, one lawful heir who may continue the cultivation of such land, is thirty days from the date of death of the deceased bargadar.


Common object-The fact that there was short time gap and little deviation in describing the exact place of occurrence by themselves cannot detach the involvement of the persons who had hurled the bombs from rest of the accused persons altogether, who were part of the same group. They were harbouring common object, which fact emerges from various factors including having assembled therewith weapons of assault and their participation in the acts of assault. These weapons were capable of causing death. The act of hurling bombs was in very close proximity in time to the act of assault on Sarban.

Marichjhapi: Biggest Communist Sponsored Murder of Hindu Refugees in West Bengal

On January 26, 1979, India’s Republic Day, then Left Front chief minister Jyoti Basu announced an economic blockade of Marichjhapi. Thirty police launches surrounded the island; the refugees were tear-gassed, their huts, fisheries, and tube-wells destroyed. Those who tried to cross the river in makeshift boats were shot at. The refugees, armed with carpentry tools and makeshift bows and arrows were no match for the government forces.