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Ayodhya Judgment by Allahabad High Court

Bhagwan Sri Rama Virajman at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi,Ayodhya and ors VS Sri Rajendra Singh and ors – It is hereby declared that the entire premises of Sri Ram Janm Bhumi at Ayodhya as described and delineated in annexure nos. 1 and 2 of the plaint belong to the plaintiff nos. 1 and 2, the deities. The defendants are permanently restrained from interfering with, or raising any objection to, or placing any obstruction in the construction of the temple at Ram Janm Bhumi Ayodhya at the site , referred to in the plaint.

Union of India Vs. State of Maharashtra and Ors-01/10/2019


Atrocities Act -There is no absolute bar against grant of anticipatory bail in cases under the Atrocities Act if no prima facie case is made out or where on judicial scrutiny the complaint is found to be prima facie mala fide. Arrest of a public servant can only be after approval of the appointing authority and of a nonpublic servant after approval by the S.S.P. To avoid false implication of an innocent, a preliminary enquiry may be conducted by the DSP.

Constitution of India

Constitution of India

Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 60, 324, 366, 367, 379, 380, 388, 391, 392 and 393 shall come into force at once, and the remaining provisions of this Constitution shall come into force on the twenty-sixth day of January, 1950, which day is referred to in this Constitution as the commencement of this Constitution

Convention on International Civil Aviation [Full text]


The document contains the text of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on 7 December 1944 (hereinafter referred to as the “Convention”), in the English, French, Russian and Spanish languages. Each of these texts is equally authentic. The English text is the text adopted and signed at Chicago on 7 December 1944.

AICTE (Open and Distance Learning Education) Guidelines for Standalone Institutions, 2019

Govt. of India and in discharge of its functions and duties under subsection(1) of section 20 read with section 10(b)(g)(i)(j)(m)(n)and(o) of AICTE Act, 1987, AICTE notifies the following guidelines for Standalone Institutions for conducting courses in the field of Management and allied areas, Computer Applications and Travel & Tourism through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) educatio

AICTE (Open and Distance Learning Education) Guidelines for Institutions – Deemed to be Universities 2019

“Open and Distance Learning (ODL)” mode means a mode of providing flexible learning opportunities by overcoming separation of teacher and learner using a variety of media, including print, electronic, MOOCs, online and occasional interactive face-to-face meetings arranged by Institution through Learner Support Services to deliver teaching-learning experience, including practical or work experience.

Personal liberty

The man without bondage

“personal liberty” is used in the Article as a compendious term to include within itself all the varieties of rights which go to make up the “personal liberties” of man other than those dealt with in the several clauses of Art. 19 (1). In other words, while Art.19 (l) deals with particular species or attributes of that freedom, “personal liberty” in Art. 21 takes in and comprises the residue