Constitution (Forty-fourth Amendment) Act- taking out the fundamental right of property

In view of the special position sought to be given to fundamental rights, the right to property, which has been the occasion for more than one amendment of the Constitution, would cease to be a fundamental right and become only a legal right. Necessary amendments for this purpose are being made to article 19 and article 31 is being deleted. It would, however, be ensured that the removal of property from the list of fundamental rights would not affect the right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.

Whether a purchaser of a property belonging to the deceased testator should be impleaded as a party in a probate proceedings

Sunil Gupta Versus Kiran Girhotra and ORS-Indian Succession Act, 1925—Sections 263 and 307—Parties to proceedings—A transferee of a property during the pendency of a proceeding is not a necessary party—Purchaser of a property belonging to the deceased testator is not entitled to be impleaded as a party in the probate proceedings.

Whether a third party in possession of a property can seek adjudication of his objections U/O 21, Rule 97 of CPC ?

We find that Order 21, Rule 35 deals with cases of delivery of possession of an immovable property to the decree-holder by delivery of actual physical possession and by removing any person in possession who is bound by a decree, while under Order 21, Rule 36 only symbolic possession is given where tenant is in actual possession. Order 21, Rule 97, as aforesaid, conceives of cases where delivery of possession to decree-holder or purchaser is resisted by any person. ‘Any person’, as aforesaid, is wide enough to include even a person not bound by a decree or claiming right in the property on his own including that of a tenant including stranger.

Titles of Law and Justice

Concept of Justice, Miscarriage of Justice, Failure of Justice, denial of Justice, Non- availability of Justice  and Non-Access of Justice

Mortgage by deposit of title deeds

No such memorandum can be within the section (S. 17, Registration Act) unless on its face it embodies such terms and is signed and delivered at such time and place and in such circumstances as to lead legitimately to the conclusion that, so far as the deposit is concerned, it constitutes the agreement between the parties.

Matrimonial Property Act

WHEREAS it is desirable to encourage and strengthen the role of the family in society;
AND WHEREAS for that purpose it is necessary to recognize the contribution made to a marriage by each spouse;

SC Directions in Ram Janmabhumi Ayodhya Title Appeal

The Central Government shall, within a period of three months from the date of this judgment, formulate a scheme pursuant to the powers vested in it under Sections 6 and 7 of the Acquisition of Certain Area at Ayodhya Act 1993. The scheme shall envisage the setting up of a trust with a Board of Trustees or any other appropriate body under Section 6. The scheme to be framed by the Central Government shall make necessary provisions in regard to the functioning of the trust or body including on matters relating
to the management of the trust, the powers of the trustees including the construction of a temple and all necessary, incidental and supplemental matters

John Locke on Property

I think, it is very easy to conceive, without any difficulty, how labour could at first begin a title of property in the common things of nature, and how the spending it upon our uses bounded it. So that there could then be no reason of quarrelling about title, nor any doubt about the largeness of possession it gave. Right and conveniency went together; for as a man had a right to all he could employ his labour upon, so he had no temptation to labour for more than he could make use of

Intellectual Property Rights: Bibliography

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Property Law: Bibliography

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