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Dr. Bimal Kumar Raj & Ors. VS The State of West Bengal and Ors.[CHC]-26/07/2019

Land acquisition-In a democratic polity the larger interest of the populous has to be given weightage. The minuscule minority has to understand and accept the larger and more laudable need for overall development of the district and the economy of the State. Such larger interest is in the overall Socio-Economic development of the State. Employment generation, revenue income, poverty alleviation in an entire district must be given primacy over the small personal and individual shenanigans.

Functions of a Collector in respect of Conversion Cases [In West Bengal]

the State of West Bengal

In exercise of the power conferred by clause (4) of section 2 of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955 (West Bengal Act No. 10 of 1956) and in supersession of all earlier notifications on the subject-matter, the Governor is pleased hereby to appoint, with immediate effect, the officers mentioned in column (2) of Table below to discharge the functions of a Collector in respect of the conversion cases i.e. change of area, character or use of land under section 4C of the said Act, within the jurisdiction mentioned in column (3) of the said Table against each of such officers:

Simplified Procedure of Mutation [in West bengal]

Application for mutation shall be received in the office of the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer by one or two officials who will be entrusted to do the job by the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer depending upon the flow of such applications in that office from time to time. No such application shall be received unless the same is submitted in the proforma as prescribed below which may be either typed or handwritten with requisite application fee and process fee along with the following documents

Departments under Government of West Bengal

Department of Agricultural Marketing Department of Agriculture Department of Animal Resources Development Department of Backward Classes Welfare Department of Consumer Affairs Department of Co-operation Department of Correctional Administration Department of Disaster Management […]


West Bengal Maintenance of Public Order Act, 1972 – “We hold that bail is neither prospective nor retrospective; neither anticipatory nor suspended; neither potential nor deferred; but by its , very nature is certainly kinetic, calling for expedition and taking effect immediately, from the point of. time when it is granted, subject only to the time taken for furnishing the requisite bonds and in accepting the same” – CHC

Md. Noor Alam & Ors. Vs. The State of West Bengal & Ors.

In the absence of accreditation of the diploma by AICTE the petitioners were not eligible to be appointed in the said post. In the advertisement it was categorically mentioned that the candidates have to possess either a diploma in computer applications or information technology or equivalent and the said qualification was required to be accredited by AICTE.