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The Patents Act, 1970

The Office of the Controller general of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks Chapter I – Preliminary Chapter II – Inventions not patentable Chapter III – Applications for patents Chapter IV – Publication and […]

Indian Contract Act 1872

Edition: 2018 1. Short title 2. Interpretation clause Chapter I – Of the communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals Chapter II – Of contracts, voidable contracts and void Agreement Chapter III – […]

Civil Procedure Code 1908

a code of procedure must be regarded as such. It is procedure, something designed to facilitate justice and further its ends; not a penal enactment for punishment and penalties, not a thing designed to trip people up. Too technical a construction of sections that leaves no room for reasonable elasticity of interpretation should therefore, be guarded against (provided always that justice is done on both sides) lest the very means designed for the furtherance of justice be used to frustrate it. Next, there must be ever present to the mind the fact that our laws of procedure are grounded on a principle of natural justice which requires that men should not be condemned unheard, that decisions should not be reached behind their backs, that proceedings that affect their lives and property should not continue in their absence and that they should not be precluded from participating in them. Of course, there must be exceptions and where they are clearly defined they must be given effect to. But taken by and large, and subject to that proviso, our laws of procedure should be construed, wherever that is reasonably possible, in the light of that principle.

Investigation and prosecution by CBI under-DSPE 1946

Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946-An Act to make provision for the constitution of a special police force in Delhi for the investigation of certain offences in the Union territories, for the superintendence and administration of the said force and for the extension to other of the powers and jurisdiction of members of the said force in regard to the investigation of the said offences.


Jammu and Kashmir

WE, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR, having solemnly resolved, in pursuance of the accession of this State to India which took place on the twenty-sixth day of October, 1947, to further define the existing relationship of the State with the Union of India as an integral part thereof, and to secure to ourselves