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Company’s commercial and political functions have always been intermingled-Macaulay

It is a mistake to suppose that the Company was a merely commercial body till the middle of the last century. Commerce was its chief object; but in order to enable it to pursue that object, it had been, like the other Companies which were its rivals, like the Dutch India Company, like the French India Company, invested from a very early period with political functions. It was intrusted with the very highest prerogatives of sovereignty.

Computation of fees payable in certain suits in Bangladesh

In suits for partition and separate possession of a share of joint family property or of a joint property, or to enforce a right to a share in any property on the ground that it is joint family property or joint property if the plaintiff has been excluded from possession of the property of which he claims to be a co-parcener or co-owner, according to the market value of the share in respect of which the suit is instituted

Establishment and Rules of Procedures of the Turkish Constitutional Court: Code No: 6216

The aim and scope of this Code is to regulate the principles pertaining to the structure of the Constitutional Court, its duties, trial procedures, President, deputy presidents and the selection of its members, disciplinary and staffing affairs and rapporteurs, deputy rapporteurs and the quality, appointment, duties and responsibilities of their staff, their disciplinary and staffing affairs.

The Crime Victim Protection Act 2075 (2018)

Whereas, it is expedient to make necessary provisions on the protection of the rights and interests of the victims, by making provisions also for compensation to the victims for damage sustained as a result of an offence, and reducing adverse effects caused to the victims of crimes, for getting information related to the investigation and proceedings of the cases in which they have been victimized, for getting justice along with social rehabilitation and compensation pursuant to law, while ensuring the right of crime victims to justice conferred by the Constitution of Nepal, which remains as an integral part of the process of offender justice;

Law of Criminal Procedure- SAUDI ARABIA

Courts shall apply Shari’ah principles, as derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) to the cases that are brought before them. They shall also apply laws promulgated by the state that do not contradict the provisions of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and shall comply with the procedure set forth in this Law.
The provisions of this Law shall apply to criminal cases that have not been decided and to proceedings that have not been completed prior to the implementation thereof.

The Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Supreme Court is not – according to the original or the rule – a court ruling in the litigation, but rather a complaint against the court that issued the contested judgment, as it prosecutes the judgment in terms of the validity of the application of legal and legal rules and their interpretation, as well as in terms of the procedures followed in the trial, Without interfering with the facts or the evidence.

Whether a purchaser of a property belonging to the deceased testator should be impleaded as a party in a probate proceedings

Sunil Gupta Versus Kiran Girhotra and ORS-Indian Succession Act, 1925—Sections 263 and 307—Parties to proceedings—A transferee of a property during the pendency of a proceeding is not a necessary party—Purchaser of a property belonging to the deceased testator is not entitled to be impleaded as a party in the probate proceedings.

Whether a Court is competent to reject the Plaint when it failed to state material facts

Order VI Rule 2 (1) of the Code states the basic and cardinal rule of pleadings and declares that the pleading has to state material facts and not the evidence. It mandates that every pleading shall contain, and contain only, a statement in a concise form of the material facts on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defence, as the case may be, but not the evidence by which they are to be proved.

Setting aside decree ex-parte against defendant on the basis of sufficient cause-What is Sufficient Cause

Sufficient Cause” is an expression which has been used in large number of Statutes. The meaning of the word “sufficient” is “adequate” or “enough”, in as much as may be necessary to answer the purpose intended. Therefore, word “sufficient” embraces no more than that which provides a platitude which when the act done suffices to accomplish the purpose intended in the facts and circumstances existing in a case and duly examined from the view point of a reasonable standard of a cautious man.

Constitution of Mexico-1917

In the United Mexican States, all individuals shall be entitled to the human rights granted by this Constitution and the international treaties signed by the Mexican State, as well as to the guarantees for the protection of these rights. Such human rights shall not be restricted or suspended, except for the cases and under the conditions established by this Constitution itself.


The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.

Law Points on Judgment Writing

Conclusion of Distt. Judge that trial Judge had recorded his judgment with pencil in his own hands comprising 33 pages and it was impossible that such a judgment could be written in 45 minutes and that too while Trial Judge (Senior Civil Judge) was in bathroom.



Presumptions are given the effect of placing upon the opposing party the burden of establishing the nonexistence of the presumed fact, once the party invoking the presumption establishes the basic facts giving rise to it.