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West Bengal Policy and Guidelines for Setting up Self-financing Degree Colleges in West Bengal-2015

Accordingly, the State Government considers it necessary to frame this Policy and Guidelines to provide a stable and predictable framework of rules for private investment in setting up degree colleges. The intention of the Policy is to encourage the spread of higher education in under-served mofussil areas away from Kolkata, where significant demand exists for college studies, considering the steady increase in the number of high school pass outs across the State.

Upper Age Limit for Entry into West Bengal Govt. Jobs is 40 years

In the year 2006, the Government had raised the upper age limit for entry into Govt. service from 32 to 37 years with a validity of 5 years. Now the Government again raised the limit to 40 years for entry into Govt service in Group C and D only. The minimum age is unchanged i.e.18 years. The age relaxation for the SC/ ST candidates fixed at 45 years and that for OBC/ PH candidates at 43 years.

S.K. Raju @ Abdul Haque @ Jagga Vs. State of West Bengal [ALL SC 2018 SEPTEMBER]

September 05, 2018: Section 42 OF NDPS ACT-An empowered officer under Section 42(1) is obligated to reduce to writing the information received by him, only when an offence punishable under the Act has been committed in any building, conveyance or an enclosed place, or when a document or an article is concealed in a building, conveyance or an enclosed place. Compliance with Section 42, including recording of information received by the empowered officer, is not mandatory, when an offence punishable under the Act was not committed in a building, conveyance or an enclosed place. Section 43 is attracted in situations where the seizure and arrest are conducted in a public place, which includes any public conveyance, hotel, shop, or other place intended for use by, or accessible to, the public-CONVICTION UPHELD.

State of West Bengal and ORS Vs  The Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights, West Bengal and ORS [ ALL SC 2010 FEBRUARY]

It may not be out of place to mention that in so far as this Court is concerned, apart from Articles 32 and 142 which empower this Court to issue such directions, as may be necessary for doing complete justice in any cause or matter, Article 144 of the Constitution also mandates all authorities, civil or judicial in the territory of India, to act in aid of the orders passed by this Court.