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First  Division 

Suit relating to account

Suit relating to Contract

Suit relation to Decree and Instrument

Suit relating to Immovable property

Suit relating to Movable property

Suit relating to Torts

Suit relating to trust and trust property

Suit for arrears of rent

Suit for cancellation of decree

Suit for cancellation of an instrument

Suit for specific performance of contract

Suit for rescission of a contract

Suit to set aside a transfer by guardian

Suit for adverse possession

suit by the landlord to recover possession from a tenant

Suit to recover specific movable property

Suit for Defamation

Suit for pre-emption

Suit for possession of Hereditary Office

Suit by a person excluded from a joint family property to enforce his/her share

Suit for Easement

Suit for Eviction of Trespasser


Second Division 

Suit under Negotiable instrument

Suit under Intellectual property legislations

Suit under Matrimonial legislation

Suit for Maintenance

Suit for Injunction

Suit for Declaration

Suit for cancellation of Instrument


Third Division 

Suit by or against  government

Interpleader suit

Suit for stopping Public nuisance and any wrongful act

Suit by or against corporation

Suit against a firm

Suit against/by minor

Suits By/Against Persons Of Unsound Mind

Suit by/against Idol

Class Action suit

Mortgage Suit

Partnership Suit

Summary Suit

Suit in connection with Sales of Goods

Suit under Insolvency Law


Forth Division

Suit in connection with bailment and pledge

Suit on Agency or Agency Suit

Suit against the guarantor

Suit under rent control act for recovery of possession or eviction

Suit relating to Lease

Suit relating to License

Devider Fifth Division

Money suit

Partition suit

Suit for damages

Suit for compensation

Suit for damages for malicious prosecution

Suit for Contribution


Sixth Division

Suit to the Original side of High Court

Commercial Suit

Maritime Suit

Suit under Private International Law

Original Suit to Supreme Court