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Latest Supreme Court Judgments [ 12 volumes]

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India being a common law country, the law reporting system is similar to readers from other common law jurisdictions such as the UK, Canada and Australia.

An authoritative source for reportable judgments delivered by The Indian Supreme Court on monthly basis in 12 volumes starting from January 2017.

Supreme Court Monthly Reporter (SCMR) is a set of 12 volumes online law reporting system providing, in full text, reportable judgments delivered by the Supreme Court of India.
How the reader shall be benefited
Free online reading as the cases are free and online readable makes SCMR most unchallenged
Time Saving -catchwords and head notes shall give the reader a quick summary of judgments
Confidence booster – as the judgement are serving directly through Supreme Court Database , therefore it shall boost your confidence and readability.
Easy Linking – You can easily link a judgment with the Statutes and side commentaries fully and freely
No Log in or sign Up– As Advocatetanmoy Law Library providing the SCMR free of cost , therefore the Law Library doesn’t collect your E-mail or phone numbers or cheat you in the name of ‘Demo for one month’. Arts of Giving is our philosophy.
Compact View-The Supreme Court Monthly Reporter shall create a sense of compactness to the readers without clattering your readability . No advertisement shall minimize your reading sped.

Rich reader experience – Advocatetanmoy Law library has used multiple colors for preparing Title , Head notes, Catchwords, Unique legal issues and side Links.

Again take the opportunity to connect yourself throughout the Legal world via Advocatetanmoy Law Library. Truly it is Legally yours.

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