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Place of Poetry and Philosophy in Development of Greek Religious Thought – James Adam

After what has now been said, it will readily be conceded that the feud between philosophy on the one hand, and the old Homeric and Hesiodic religious ideas on the other hand, is one of the most striking features in Greek religious development. Regarded from this point of view, the evolution of theological and religious thought in Greece, as it is embodied for us in the works of Greek literature, may be regarded as the result of the action and interaction of the two rival principles of orthodoxy and dissent.


Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce

The International Court of Arbitration (the "Court") of the International Chamber of Commerce (the "ICC") is the arbitration body attached to the ICC. The statutes of the Court are set forth in Appendix I. Members of the Court are appointed by the Council of the ICC. The function of the Court is to provide for the settlement by arbitration of business disputes of an international character in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (the "Rules"). If so empowered by an arbitration agreement, the Court shall also provide for the settlement by arbitration in accordance with these Rules of business disputes not of an international character.

Documentary Credit(Letter of credit) – Payment Under International Trade

Documentary credit is the most used means of payment in international transactions(trade); it implies for the exporter a greater level of security in the collection of his sales. Being a given order by the importer to the issuing bank, which executes the payment against the documents required within the credit´s terms and conditions. Again a documentary credit is an undertaking given by a bank (issuing bank) of a stated amount to the seller (beneficiary) on the instruction of the buyer (applicant) to pay at sight or to a future date.

Epistle of Ld Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar on Hindu Law : Alienation of Devatra Property

With, reference to the correspondence forwarded to me under docked No. 656 B. dated 13th ultimo, I beg to state that there do not appear to be any texts in the Books on Hindu Law which either permit or prohibit the alienation of Devatra property. But the general practice of the country does not sanction the disposition of such property in any shape. In fact, when Endowments of this description are made by Hindus, they make them with the sole object of securing the property endowed from any sort of alienation, and attach conditions accordingly.

United Kingdom the country the people

Instructions from crown to governors of provinces to which Govt of India Act 1919 applies

You shall do all that lies in your power to maintain standards of good administration ; to encourage religious toleration, co-operation and goodwill among all classes and creeds ; to ensure the probity of public finance and the solvency of the presidency; and to promote all measures making for the moral, social, and industrial welfare of the people, and tending to fit all classes of the population without distinction to take their due share in the public life and government of the country.

M. K Gandhi’s letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and reply-1942

My personal position is clear. I hate all war. If therefore I could persuade my countrymen, they would make a most effective and decisive contribution in favour of an honourable peace. But I know that all of us have not a living faith in non-violence. Under foreign rule however we can make no effective contribution of any kind in this war, except as helots.

Testimony of Pierre Kory, MD-“Focus on Early Treatment of COVID-19”- Dec 8, 2020

In the last 3-4 months, emerging publications provide conclusive data on the profound efficacy of the anti-parasite, anti-viral drug, anti-inflammatory agent called ivermectin in all stages of the disease. Our protocol was created only recently, after we identified these data. Nearly all studies are demonstrating the therapeutic potency and safety of ivermectin in preventing transmission and progression of illness in nearly all who take the drug.