The Treasury Regulations appearing at 31 CFR part 100, subpart C, are promulgated under 31 U.S.C. 5120, and relate to the exchange of uncurrent, bent, partial, fused, and mixed coins. The last amendment to 31 CFR part 100, subpart C, was on December 20, 2017. Since then, the United States Mint has identified additional portions of the regulations in need of revision to further enhance the integrity of the redemption process for bent and partial United States coins.

The Sun and Internal Heat do Separate, as it were by Distillation, the best juices and Substances in the Bowels of the Earth; which being percolated into proper Veins and Mines, and there congeal’d, grown solid, and ripen’d, they are in time made Metals: whereof the most rare and perfect are Gold and Silver, resembling the two great Luminaries of the World in Splendor and Colour. Fire nor Rust will not consume them; they are not subject to be destroy’d by Moths, Worms, or Rottenness; nor do they waste much by Use.

CURRENCY AND BANK NOTES BILL. HC Deb 14 May 1928 vol 217 cc695-752695 Order for Second Reading read. The FINANCIAL SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Mr. Arthur Michael Samuel) I beg to move, “That the Bill be now read a- Second time.” 4.0 p.m. This Bill proposes, in accordance with the policy laid down by my right hon. Friend the Chancellor […]

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