Report from British officials in India after assassination of Gandhi in 1948

Scarcely any important decision was taken without his prior advice whether the subject was the movement and rehabilitation of refugees, Congress policy or the Kashmir issue. And when he disagreed with any decision taken it was not long, as in the recent case of the non-implementation of the Indo-Pakistan financial agreement, before he took determined and successful steps to have it revoked.

Hemanta Panda vs PIO, M/O Culture – 21/04/2016

All the seven convicts submitted appeals through the jail authorities to the Punjab High Court. Formerly the High Court functioned at Lahore. Nathuram V Godse preferred appeal against his conviction for conspiracy and other charges and not against the death sentence. Criminal Appeals Nos. 66 to 72 of 1949 Punjab High Court, (then at) Simla. Some significant record of the Mahatma Gandhi Murder Case was included in Printed Volume I and II of the case documents in Punjab High Court.


BOMBAY HIGH COURT DIVISION BENCH ( Before : Palekar, J; Naik, J ) ANANT JANARDHAN KARANDIKAR — Appellant Vs. STATE — Respondent Decided on : 02-08-1965 Constitution of India, 1950 - Article 226 Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 (CrPC) - Section 491 Cases Referred M.R.S. Mani Vs. District Magistrate and Another, AIR 1950 Mad 162 JUDGMENT…