Viceroys and Governors of Portuguese India 1505—1580

Viceroys and Governors of Portuguese India


The names of Viceroys are printed in bold face

Dom Francisco de Almeida12 Sept 1505Killed by Kaffirs at Saldanha Bay, 1 March, 1510.
Affonso de Albuquerque4 NOV. 1509Died off Goa, 16 Dec. 1515.
Lopo Soares de Albergaria8 Sept. 1515Returned to Portugal.
Diogo Lopes de Segueira8 Sept. 1518Returned to Portugal.
Dons Duarte de Menezes22 Jan. 1522Returned to Portugal.
Dom Vasco da Gama5 Sept. 1324Died at Cochin, 24 Dec. 1524.
Dom Henrique de Menezes17 .Jun. 1525Died at Cannanore, 21 Feb. 1526.
Lopo Vaz de Sam PaioFeb. 1526Returned to Portugal.
Nuno da Cunha18 Nov. 1529Died at sea on his way to Portugal.
Dom Garcia de Noronha14 Sept. 1538Died at Goa, 3 April, 1540.
Dom Estevao da Gama3 April 1540Returned to Portugal.
Martim Affonso de Sousa8 May 1542Returned to Portugal.
Dom Joao de Castro10 Sept. 1545(14 days only) Died at Goa, 6 June, 1548.
Garcia de Sa6 June 1548Died at Goa, 13 June, 1544.
Jorge Cabral13 June 1549Returned to Portugal.
Dom Affonso de NoronhaNov. 1550Returned to Portugal.
Dom Pedro Mascarenhas23 Sept. 1554Died at Goa, 16 June, 1555.
Francisco Barreto16 June 1555Returned to Portugal.
Dom Constantino de Braganza8 Sept. 1558Returned to Portugal.
Dom Francisco de Coutinho7 Sett. 1561Died at Goa, 19 Feb. 1564.
Joao de Mendonca19 Feb. 1564Returned to Portugal.
Dom Antao de Noronha3 Sept. 1564Died at sea on his way to Portugal.
Dom Luis de Athaide10 Sept. 1568Returned to Portugal.
Dom Antonio de Noronha6 Sept. 1571Returned to Portugal.
Antonio Moniz Barreto9 Dec. 1573Returned to Portugal.
Dom Diogo de MenezesSept. 1576Returned to Portugal.
Dom Luis de Athaide31 Aug. 1578(second time) Died at Goa, to March, 1581.

NOTE: Dom Francisco de Almeida Killed by Kaffirs at Saldanha Bay, 1 March 1510- Here Kaffirs means Hindu, the word used by Muhammadans adopted by Albuquerque in his Albuquerque: Rulers of India


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