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supreme-court-of-india1CUSTODIAL DEATH   

Supreme Court issued eleven directions on custodial death.[RE-INHUMAN CONDITIONS IN 1382 PRISONS[15.08.2017]  Read MoreARROW

DELAY IN CRIMINAL TRIAL                                     supreme-court-of-india1

Long delays of disposal criminal cases have serious impact both on rule of law and on access to justice which is a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.[IMTIYAZ AHMAD VERSUS STATE OF U.P. & ORS 01. 02. 2017]  Read More ARROW  


Constitutional validity of Sections 16 and 23(5) of the Advocates Act,1961 which provide the statutory basis for designation of lawyers as senior advocates appears to have been challenged [INDIRA JAISING VERSUS SUPREME COURT OF INDIA THROUGH SECRETARY GENERAL AND ORS JANUARY 2, 2017 ] Read More ARROW


Section 63 of the Contract Act is to be applied as per Indian Law and not in accordance with English law. [CHRISOMAR CORPORATION VERSUS MJR STEELS PRIVATE LIMITED[September 14, 2017] Read MoreARROW  

supreme-court-of-india1PRINCIPLES FOR GRANTING BAIL

A balance is required to be maintained between the personal liberty of the accused and the investigation rights of the agency. It must result in minimum interference with the personal liberty of the accused and the right of the agency to investigate the case[Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant  Purohit versus state of Maharashtra 21.08.2017] Read More ARROW 

supreme-court-of-india1 CONTEMPT OF COURT

If Supreme Court does not, despite the availability of the power vested in it, invoke the same to punish for its contempt, there is no question of a Court subordinate to the Supreme Court doing so [  VITUSAH OBEROI AND ORS VERSUS COURT OF ITS OWN MOTION  January 2, 2017] Read MoreARROW  

supreme-court-of-india1RECALLING WITNESS POST  313 STAGE

whether recall of witnesses, at the stage when statement of accused under Section 313 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (“Cr.P.C.”) has been recorded, could be allowed on the plea that the defence counsel was not competent and had not effectively cross-examined the witnesses, having regard to the facts and circumstances of this case[AG VERSUS SHIV KUMAR YADAV & ANR SEPTEMBER 10, 2015] Read More  ARROW


The appellant has not been able to shake the credibility of the eye-witness. No material contradiction in the case of the prosecution has been shown. Under facts and circumstances, non-examination of the Investigating Officer is of no consequence. Accused failed to show prejudice by such non-examination.[ Dinesh Yadav Versus State of Jharkhand  09.03.2017] Read More  ARROW


The judicial pronouncements of the Apex Court would be in the public domain and its reproduction or publication would not infringe the copyright. Section 52 of Copy Rights Act has been explained[Eastern Book Company & Ors. vs D.B. Modak & Anr.  12/12/2007] Read MoreARROW

SUPREME COURT 2Muslims Can Adopt Under Juvenile Law [Shabnam Hashmi Versus Union Of India & Ors  19.02. 2014]newnew

Triple talaq declared as null and void [Shayara Bano versus Union of India and others 22.08. 2017]newnew

BULLET 2Both S 125 of the Cr.P.C application & application  u/s 3 of the Muslim Women  Act, 1986 are maintainable at the same time[Shamim Bano Versus Asraf Khan16.04.2014]