Following the successful completion of the G20 Summit in Riyadh on Sunday, Italy assumed the forum’s annual rotating presidency from Saudi Arabia during a ceremonial handover.

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  • United State’s diplomatic relations with Afghanistan-2012 - The United States has approximately 14,000 troops in Afghanistan engaged in two missions: 1) a bilateral counterterrorism mission in cooperation with Afghan forces; and 2) participation in RSM. U.S. troops in Afghanistan serve alongside almost 8,000 troops from NATO allies and partners. U.S. forces continue to disrupt and degrade the Taliban’s combat operations, ISIS-K, and al-Qaeda activities in Afghanistan, through partnered operations with Afghan forces, as well as unilateral operations.
  • Educational policy of Turkmenistan - The “Law on Education” was adopted in the framework of the large scale support given by the state. The intensive construction of new children’s preschool establishments, secondary schools and higher educational institutions is carried out throughout the country.
  • Draft Amalgamation Scheme of Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. with DBS Bank India Ltd-2020 - If on the Appointed date any cause of actions, suit, decrees, recovery certificates, appeals or other proceedings of whatever nature is pending by or against the transferor bank before any court or tribunal or any other authority (including for the avoidance of doubt, an arbitral tribunal), the same shall not abate, be discontinued or be in any way prejudicially affected, but shall, subject to the other provisions of the Scheme, be prosecuted and enforced by or against the transferee bank.
  • Our enemy Islamic extremism targets our values and constitution -Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’ - Our enemy, Islamic extremism, that targets all our values and our constitution, does not only intend to cause death and pain – it also intends to divide our society. And this, we will not allow. We will not give room for their hatred. Our enemies never are the members of an entire religion. Our enemies never are all people coming from one certain country. No, our enemies are extremists and terrorists. There is definitely no place for them in our society. Because in our free society, there is no tolerance for intolerance.
  • Nehru’s loose Tibet policy and withdrawal of Indian maps with clear boundary lines in 1954 sourced Sino-Indian conflicts - Nehru’s loose Tibet policy and withdrawal of Indian maps with clear boundary lines in 1954 sourced Sino-Indian conflicts -Nehru’s hands-off policy toward Tibet did not turn out to be a viable approach toward the sub-subsequent developments north of the Himalayas. He quickly found himself in the quicksand of Sino-Tibetan relations. In the year of the Bandung conference, Beijing decided to set up a Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Supreme Court vide its order dated March 23, 2020, took suo motu cognizance of the challenge faced by the country on account of COVID 19 disease and in exercise of its powers under Article 142 read with Article 141 of the Constitution, ordered that the period of limitation in all proceedings shall stand extended with effect from March 15, 2020, till further orders.

Current Judgments

  • Rajesh Dhiman Vs State of Himachal Pradesh-26/10/2020 - Whether bias was caused by complainant also being the investigating officer? Whether alternate version has been established and what is the effect of lack of independent witnesses? Whether High Court erred in reversing acquittal in appeal?
  • Raveen Kumar vs State of Himachal Pradesh -26/10/2020 - (A) What is the scope and essence of the High Court’s appellate jurisdiction against a judgment of acquittal? (B) What is the extent of reliance upon a document with which the other side was not confronted with during cross­-examination? C) Whether non-examination of independent witnesses vitiates the prosecution case?
  • AMIT SAHNI Vs COMMISSIONER OF POLICE & ORS-07/10/2020 - We have to make it unequivocally clear that public ways and public spaces cannot be occupied in such a manner and that too indefinitely. Democracy and dissent go hand in hand, but then the demonstrations expressing dissent have to be in designated places alone. The present case was not even one of protests taking place in an undesignated area, but was a blockage of a public way which caused grave inconvenience to commuters. We cannot accept the plea of the applicants that an indeterminable number of people can assemble whenever they choose to protest.
  • Sarika Vs. The Administrator, Mahakaleshwar Mandir Committee, Ujjain, MP-1/9/2020 - The original work in the temple is required to be restored. As assured by the Committee, let restoration work be done concerning eyesore painting by 15th December 2020. The Temple Committee is directed to ensure in future not to permit or resort to such painting and covering of the original work, objected by the Expert Committee. Let a report be submitted to this Court in this regard by 15th December 2020.
  • Mukesh Singh Vs. State (Narcotic Branch of Delhi)-31/08/2020 - In a case where the informant himself is the investigator, by that itself cannot be said that the investigation is vitiated on the ground of bias or the like factor.-Case overruled: Mohan Lal v. State of Punjab (2018) 17 SCC 627 [Complainant can not be Investigator]
  • Vijay Mallya vs.State Bank of India & Ors-31/08/2020 - Though the scope of review was thus limited, we have carefully considered the submissions advanced by Mr. Munim. Those submissions were dealt with and rejected in the judgment under review. In our considered view, the attempt on part of the respondent No.3 to have re-hearing in the matter cannot be permitted nor do the submissions make out any “error apparent on record” to justify interference in review jurisdiction.
  • IN RE: PRASHANT BHUSHAN AND ANR-31/08/2020 - The Court, from the very beginning, was desirous of giving quietus to this matter. Directly or indirectly, the contemnor was persuaded to end this matter by tendering an apology and save the grace of the institution as well as the individual, who is an officer of the Court. However, for the reasons best known to him he has neither shown regret in spite of our persuasion or the advice of the learned Attorney General. Thus, we have to consider imposing an appropriate sentence upon him.
  • PRANEETH K AND ORS. VS UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION AND ORS-28/08/2020 - The Guidelines were issued with the object that a uniform academic calendar be followed by all the Universities and final /terminal examinations be held. The State Governments or State Disaster Management Authority in exercise of power under Disaster Management Act, 2005 has no jurisdiction to take a decision that the students of final year/terminal students should be promoted on the basis of earlier year assessment and internal assessment.
  • Rhea Chakraborty vs The State of Bihar & Ors-19/08/2020 - CBI INVESTIGATION-At the stage of investigation, they were not required to transfer the FIR to Mumbai police. For the same reason, the Bihar government was competent to give consent for entrustment of investigation to the CBI and as such the ongoing investigation by the CBI is held to be lawful.
  • Preet Pal Singh vs The State of UP and Ars-14/08/2020 - SUSPENSION OF SENTENCE-In considering an application for suspension of sentence, the Appellate Court is only to examine if there is such patent infirmity in the order of conviction that renders the order of conviction prima facie erroneous. Where there is evidence that has been considered by the Trial Court, it is not open to a Court considering application under Section 389 to re-assess and/or re-analyze the same evidence and take a different view, to suspend the execution of the sentence and release the convict on bail.


  • Protection of German Blood and German Honor-Germany 1935 - Nuremberg Law-Moved by the understanding that purity of the German Blood is the essential condition for the continued existence of the German people, and inspired by the inflexible determination to ensure the existence of the German Nation for all time, the Reichstag has unanimously adopted the following Law, which is promulgated herewith
  • Why does God permit evil to happen to good men?-Seneca - I shall prove that what appear to be evils are not so; for the present I say this, that what you call hard measure, misfortunes, and things against which we ought to […]
  • WHAT IS BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY ? - The concept of a neurochemical imbalance of neurotransmitters became the favored explanatory model for psychiatric disorders. Interestingly, at the same time as psychiatry for the first time used effective medications, the movement of antipsychiatry emerged. It was part of a more general political protest against tradition starting in the 1960s and declared “mental illness as a myth”
  • Is there any survival after death? -J. Krishnamurti-1980 - An individual is who is not fragmented, but since you are all fragmented you are not individuals. You are the result of the climate, etc., etc., with all its trappings. If that fact is soaked into your blood, that is a fact. You may consider yourself, but that's merely the expression of thought. Thought is common to all mankind, based on experience, knowledge, memory, stored up in the brain. Right? The brain is the centre of all the sensory responses, which is common to all mankind.
  • Maharashtra’s ‘Buldhana Pattern’ of water conservation’ has won national recognition - Synchronisation of national highway construction and water conservation was achieved for the first time in Buldhana district, by using soil from the water bodies, nallas and rivers. This consequently lead to the increase in capacity of water storage across the water-bodies in Buldana district and it came to be known as 'Buldhana Pattern'.