• Balram Singh Vs. Kelo Devi (23/09/2022) - Second Appeal-Permanent Injunction-Counter-claim seeking the decree of possession-Agreement to sell-An unregistered document/agreement to sell shall not be admissible in evidence. It may be true that in a given case, an unregistered document can be used and/or considered for collateral purpose. However, at the same time, the plaintiff cannot get the relief indirectly which otherwise he/she cannot get in a suit for substantive relief, namely, in the present case the relief for specific performance.
  • Chandrabhan (D) LRS. & Ors. Vs. Saraswati & Ors (22/09/2022) - Substantial Question of Law-The proper test for determining whether a question of law raised in the case is substantial would be, whether it is of general public importance or whether it directly and substantially affects the rights of the parties and if so, whether it is either an open question in the sense that it is not finally settled by this Court.


  • Indian Judicial System-Justice Dr. AR. Lakshmanan (09/04/2005) - The Judge must give due respect to the staff of the Court. The Court staff is part of the Judge himself. The Court staff may commit mistakes in open court. Be discreet and do not expose the mistakes of the staff to the public eye. The Court staff must be treated by the Judge with due respect and dignity in open court. Not even an attender should feel that he has been slighted and be-littled.
  • The Quandary of the Judge in the Digital World-Keynote address delivered by Chief Justice of Ghana (29/09/2021) - The Judicial Service is keenly following this process to ensure that it is delivered on time and up to the standard that we require. Our vision is for all Courthouses in this country to be safe, convenient and fit for the purpose of justice delivery and we will not rest until we have achieved it.