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Smt. Kavita Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh through Secretary & Ors.[ALL SC 2018 SEPTEMBER]

September 05, 2018: The U.P. Kshettra Panchayats and Zila Panchayats Adhiniyam, 1961-Validity of the notice-Whether in a given case, the Collector has transgressed the limits of his own jurisdiction is a matter which can be addressed in a challenge under Article 226 of the Constitution. We clarify that we have not provided an exhaustive enumeration or list of circumstances in which the Collector can determine the validity of the notice furnished under sub-section (2) in each case and it is for the Collector in the first instance and for the Court in the exercise of its power of judicial review, if it is moved, to determine as to whether the limits on the power of the Collector have been duly observed-APPEAL DISMISSED.