Whether appointment of an advocate as a Government Counsel is an appointment in Government service

the appointment of an advocate as a District Government Counsel under chapter VII of the Manual is an employment and not a professional engagement of an advocate and, therefore, the advocate is entitled to automatic renewal till he attains the age of 62 years prescribed in the Manual as the age of superannuation unless his record and character roll are not up to the mark.

Rithwik Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd. & Ors. Etc.[SC 2018 FEBRUARY]

KEYWORDS:- Power Purchase Agreement- NECESSARY ISSUE- DATE:-February 06, 2018- If the issue was "necessary" to be decided for adjudicating on the principal issue, and was decided, it would be treated as directly and substantially in issue as the judgment was, in…

Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. Vs. Shalu Sharma and Ors[SC 2018 February]

KEYWORDS:- Motor Accident Claims-execution proceedings-FUTURE PROSPECT- DATE:- February 02, 2018- The deceased was self-employed. In such a case, future prospects cannot be denied. ACTS:- MOTOR VEHICLES ACT SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. Vs. Shalu Sharma and Ors [Civil…

Sajjan Singh and Others vs The State of Rajasthan -30/10/1964

As long as the words ‘sovereign democratic republic’ are there, could the Constitution be amended so as to depart from the democratic form of Government or its republic character? If that cannot be done, then, as long as the words “justice, social, economic and political etc.”, are there could any of the rights enumerated in Arts. 14, to 19, 21, 25, 31 and 32 be taken away?