Courts and Tribunals in India

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ARROWAdmiralty Court
BULLET 2Civil Court
BULLET 2Commercial Court
BULLET 2Consumer court
BULLET 2Criminal Court
BULLET 2Executive Magistrate`s Court  
BULLET 2Family Court 
BULLET 2High Courts
BULLET 2Juvenile Court

BULLET 2Labour Court

BULLET 2Motor Accident Claim Court/Tribunal
BULLET 2Supreme Court in India 
  1. Original Division                           SUPREME COURT 2
  2. Appeallate Division
  3. Constitutional Division
 BULLET 2Tribunals 
BULLET 2Writ Court under Article 32 and 226 of Indian Constitution 


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Miscellenious Acts and Rules 

Delhi Court Fees Act 2012 BULLET 2

Assam District and Sessions Judges Establishment (Ministerial) Services Rules, 1987

Civil Suit Rules (Assam)