Category: Statutory definitions

National Exit Test [Medical NET]

A common final year undergraduate medical examination, to be known as the National Exit Test shall be held for granting licence to practice medicine as medical practitioners and for enrolment in the State Register or the National Register, as the case may be.

Health University

Health University means a University specialised in affiliating institutions engaged in teaching medicine, medical and health sciences and includes a medical University and University of health sciences; National Medical Commission Act, 2019

Anti-competitive agreements

3. Anti-competitive agreements  (1) No enterprise or association of enterprises or person or association of persons shall enter into any agreement in respect of production, supply, distribution, storage, acquisition or control of […]


[2h] “Enterprise” means a person or a department of the Government, who or which is, or has been, engaged in any activity, relating to the production, storage, supply, distribution, acquisition or control […]

Summary courts-martial

Section 120 of the Army Act, 1950 provides as follows: “120. Powers of summary courts-martial. (1) Subject to the provisions of sub- section (2), a summary court-martial may try any offence punishable […]