Punctuation of an Act

PUNCTUATION.—The punctuation is no part of an Act of Parliament. In the case of Barrow v. Wadkin, 24 Beav. 327, it was held that certain words in an Act were to be read “aliens duties, customs, and impositions,” not as they were printed, “aliens, duties, customs, and impositions.”

Investigation and duty of Magistrate

Bail during investigation: – When an accused is released on bail during investigation he shall be bound over to appear in Court after the charge-sheet is filed and summons served on him. It is not necessary to bind him to appear on any earlier date or dates.

Judge means

S19. "Judge". - The word "Judge" denotes not only every person who is officially designated as a Judge, but also every person,- who is empowered by law to give, in any legal proceeding, civil or criminal, a definitive judgment, or…

National Exit Test [Medical NET]

A common final year undergraduate medical examination, to be known as the National Exit Test shall be held for granting licence to practice medicine as medical practitioners and for enrolment in the State Register or the National Register, as the case may be.