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Satyabrata Biswas and others Vs Kalyan Kumar Kisku and others-27/01/1994.

It is complained that there is a violation of these three orders by the six respondents, Satyabrata Biswas, Rev. Bilash Chandra Das, Salil Biswas, Sushil Sharma, Rt. Rev. Dinesh Chandra Gorai and Rt. Rev. John E. Ghosh. The contempt was for:(1) putting a padlock to the main entrance of the premises on 3-7-93; (2) disconnecting water supply, (3) obstructing sewerage line; and (4) preventing the appellants from getting the rooms repaired.

Church Of North India vs Rt. Reverend Ashoke Biswas [CHC]

Whether the Bishop’s service is a ‘personal service’ at all and as to whether the ingredient of volition is at all a relevant factor after the 2018 Amendment, demands that the plaint should not be rejected at the outset, thereby precluding the plaintiff/opposite party from canvassing the dispute raised. Several allegations made in the plaint, on a plain and meaningful reading, disclose sufficient cause of action to institute the action. There is no bar of law as well, ex facie evident from the plaint, to justify the rejection of the plaint under Order VII Rule 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure.