A Police officer[IO] submitted several documents with his Report, but at trial, prosecution failed to identify any document or to mark as Court Exhibit- Explain consequences with the help of law

The list of statements, documents, material objects and exhibits shall specify statements, documents, material objects - all are to be identified by the witness , on failure the document shall not be part of Court record and the Court would not consider it to prove a prosecution case - Consequence is acquittal of the accused person.

In Re: To Issue certain Guidelines regarding Inadequacies and Deficiencies in Criminal Trials-30/03/2017

In the course of discussions at the Bar while considering this case, this Court had generally adverted to certain common inadequacies and imperfections that occur in the criminal trials in our country. I venture to suggest that in the interests of better administration of criminal justice and to usher in a certain amount of uniformity, and acceptance of best practices prevailing over various parts of India, this Court may consider issue of certain general guidelines to be followed across the board by all Criminal Courts in the country.

In Re: To Issue certain guidelines regarding Inadequacies and Deficiencies in Criminal Trials Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh & Ors- 20/04/2021

This suo motu proceeding under Article 32 was initiated during the course of hearing of a criminal appeal (Crl.A.400/2006 & connected matters). The Court noticed common deficiencies which occur in the course of criminal trials and certain practices adopted by trial courts in criminal proceedings as well as in the disposal of criminal cases and causes.

Whether prosecution is entitled to produce any person as witness not named in the earlier charge-sheet

If we consider the above legal principles, the order dated 19.02.2008 of the trial Court summoning the witnesses named in the supplementary charge-sheet cannot be faulted with. It is true that after enquiry and investigation charges were framed on 11.03.2004 and thereafter in the course of trial about 21 witnesses were examined. In the meantime, Police submitted supplementary charge-sheet with certain new materials and on the basis of supplementary charge- sheet, the prosecution filed an application on 12.01.2008 in a pending Sessions Trial No. 63 of 2004 to the trial Court for summoning the persons named in the charge-sheet for their examination as prosecution witnesses.