SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Mallappa Vs State of Karnataka Criminal Appeal No. 1993 of 2010 Bench: N.V. Ramana, CJI., Surya Kant, Aniruddha Bose JJ. DATE: 07-05-2021 ACTS: Section 302/ 34 IPC JUDGMENT ANIRUDDHA BOSE, J. 1. The appellant (Mallappa) was charged with having committed fratricide, murder of his brother Earappa, little beyond the midnight hours of 19th-­20th April 1999. His […]

KEYWORDS:-ADMISSION- ADMISSIBILITY OF HEARSAY EVIDENCE-Rule of res gestae DATE:-29-05-2009- Whether the statements attributed to the deceased could be used as evidence for entering upon a finding that the accused subjected ‘X’ to cruelty as contemplated under Section 498-A, IPC. AIR 2009 SC 2603 : (2009) 9 SCR 875 : (2009) 13 SCC 80 : JT 2009 (7) SC 495 : […]

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