List of the Bible versions

AAT An American Translation (Beck)
AB Amplified Bible
AIV An Inclusive Version
ANT The Authentic New Testament
BNT Barclay New Testament
CENT Common English New Testament
CEV Contemporary English Version
CJB Complete Jewish Bible
CLNT Concordant Literal New Testament
CNT Cassirer New Testament
CTNT Centenary Translation of the New Testament
DHB Darby Holy Bible
DRB Douay-Rheims Bible
EBR The Emphasized Bible
EDW The Emphatic Diaglott
EVD English Version for the Deaf
GW God’s Word
HBME The Holy Bible in Modern English
HBRV Holy Bible, Revised Version
HSH Holy Scriptures (Harkavy)
IB Interlinear Bible
IV Inspired Version
JBK Jerusalem Bible (Koren)
JWNT John Wesley New Testament
KJV King James Version
KLNT Kleist-Lilly New Testament
KTC Knox Translation
LB Living Bible
LBP Lamsa Bible
LXX The Septuagint
MCT McCord’s New Testament Translation
MNT Moffatt New Translation
MRB Modern Reader’s Bible
MSNT The Modern Speech New Testament
NAB New American Bible
NAS New American Standard Version
NBV New Berkeley Version
NCV New Century Version
NEB New English Bible
NET New Evangelical Translation
NIV New International Version
NJB New Jerusalem Bible
NJPS New JPS Version
NKJ New King James Version
NLT New Living Translation
NLV New Life Version
NNT Noli New Testament
NRS New Revised Standard Version
NSNT Norlie’s Simplified New Testament
NTJ A New Translation (Jewish)
NWT New World Translation
ONT The Original New Testament
PRS Phillips Revised Student Edition
REB Revised English Bible
RNT Riverside New Testament
RSV Revised Standard Version
SARV Standard American Edition, Revised Version
SGAT An American Translation (Smith-Goodspeed)
SISR The Scriptures (ISR)
SNB Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible
SSBE The Sacred Scriptures, Bethel Edition
SV The Scholars Version
TCNT The Twentieth Century New Testament
TEV Today’s English Version
TJB The Jerusalem Bible
TM The Message
WAS Worrell New Testament
WET Wuest Expanded Translation
WNT Williams New Testament
WTNT William Tindale Newe Testament
YLR Young’s Literal Translation, Revised Edition