Syed Ali Geelani distanced himself from Hurriyat Conference

The senior separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani(90) has parted ways with Hurriyat Conference, he was the chief architect of secessionist ideology in Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani, who was part of the Hurriyat Conference since 1993 and was appointed as life-time chairman of his faction in 2003, has not mentioned the specific reasons for his resignation.

In an audio message and press statement, Geelani said he had decided to “distance himself from Hurriyat Conference in wake of the present situation” in Jammu and Kashmir.

“In this regard, a detailed letter has been sent to constituents of the Hurriyat Conference. Keeping the present state of the Hurriyat Conference in view, I have distanced myself from it,” Geelani said.

Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani had a serious health condition from the last 3 months. Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani was currently in custody of Indian authorities.

Last year, Chairman of the All-Party Hurriyet Conference Syed Ali Geelani writes a last letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that Pakistan needs to take some strong and important decisions on the current situation in Kashmir.

In his letter, he said, “I want to inform you about the critical situation in occupied Kashmir, this may be my last contact with you due to Illnesses and situation in Kashmir.”


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