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Forensic Evidence

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Forensic Anatomy click

  1. Establishing a Crime Scene
  2. Location  of the Crime Scene
  3. Recording of the Crime scene
  4.  Preserving of the Crime Scene
  5. Bloodstains, Tyre Tracks, and Soil Samples collection for laboratory
  6.  Collection of Fingerprints
  7. Foot Print
  8. Forensic Photography
  9. CCTV Footage
  10. Photography Medico-Legal and Clinical
  11. Sketches of the accused
  12. Call record interception

Supreme Court Judgments

  1. Tomaso Bruno & Anr vs State Of U.P on 20 January, 2015
  2. Anvar P.V vs P.K.Basheer & Ors[September 18, 2014]    

  3. State (N.C.T. Of Delhi) vs Navjot Sandhu@ Afsan Guru on 4 August, 2005


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