Laws of Afghanistan

Banking and Credit Laws

Depository Microfinance Institutions (DMFI) Regulation (in Dari)
Control Regulation
Law of Banking
Regulation on Asset Classification and Loan-Loss Provisioning
Regulation on Capital Adequacy
Regulation on Corporate Governance
Regulation on Enforcement
Regulation on Foreign Exchange Dealers
Regulation on Large Exposures
Regulation on Licensing
Regulation on Liquidity
Regulation on Money Service Providers
Regulation on Open Foreign Exchange Position
Regulation on Prohibited and Authorized Activities
Regulation on Protection of the Payment System
Regulation on Related Person
Regulation on Required Reserves
Regulation on Reserve Requirement for Monitory Policy Purposes
Depository Microfinance Institutions (Dmfi) Regulation

Law Of Banking

Regulation On Asset Classification And Loan-Loss Provisioning.
Regulation On Capital Adequacy
Regulation On Enforcement
Regulation On Large Exposures
Regulation On Open Foreign Exchange Position
Regulation On Protection Of The Payment System

Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws

Law of Bankruptcy 1942
Draft Law of Insolvency and Bakruptcy in Afghanistan (English)
The Law of Insolvency of 2018

Civil Codes

Civil Procedure Codes and Regulations
Law Of Administration Of The Courts Of Justice
Civil Procedure Code
Law of Administration of the Courts of Justice

Commercial and Company Laws

Annexure No.2 to the Commercial Procedure Law, published in the Official Gazette Issue No. 1296 on March 28, 2018.
New law on limited liability companies, published in the Official Gazette Issue No. 1292 on March 17, 2018
Commercial Code Of 1955
Law On Domestic And Foreign Private Investment In Afghanistan
Private Investment Law (Draft Of October 8, 2005)
Regulations For Issuing Trade Permit To Foreign Traders And Commercial Organisations In Afghanistan
Commercial Code of 1955
Law on Combating the Financing of Terrorism
Law on Domestic and Foreign Private Investment in Afghanistan
Private Investment Law (Draft of October 8, 2005)
Regulations for Issuing Trade Permit to Foreign Traders and Commercial Organisations in Afghanistan
Telecommunications Services Regulation Act


Constitution of Afghanistan
Constitution of Afghanistan (in Dari and Pashto)

Labor Laws

Labour Code
Land and Building Laws
Land Reform Law
Land Survey and Statistics Law
Land Reform Law
Land Survey And Statistics Law

Securities Laws

Law for Secured Transaction for Moveable Property in Banking Transactions, 2009

Tax Laws

Presidential Decree number (58)
**Income Tax Law 2005 (In Dari)
Income Tax Law 2005 (In Pashto)
**Income Tax Manual (In Dari)
Income Tax Law 2005
**Income Tax Law 2005 (in Dari)
Income Tax Law 2005 (in Pashto)
**Income Tax Manual (in Dari)

Trade and Customs Laws

Customs Law


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