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P. T. Thomas  Vs Thomas Job – 04/08/2005

The Lok Adalat will pass the award with the consent of the parties, therefore there is no need either to reconsider or review the matter again and again, as the award passed by the Lok Adalt shall be final. Even as under Section 96(3) of C.P.C. that “no appeal shall lie from a decree passed by the Court with he consent of he parties”. The award of the Lok Adalat is an order by the Lok Adalat under the consent of the parties, and shall be deemed to be decree of he civil Court, therefore an appeal shall not lie from the award of the Lok Adalt an under Section 96(3) C.P.C.

Award of Lok Adalat

Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987—Section 21—Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881—Section 138—decree—Act of 1987 does not make out any such distinction between reference made by civil Court and criminal Court—There is no restriction on power of Lok Adalat to pass award based on compromise arrived at between parties in a case referred by criminal Court under Section 138 of N.I. Act—By virtue of deeming provision it has to be treated as a decree capable of execution by a civil Court—execution petition restored.