Constitution of The Republic of Armenia-2015

The Armenian people — taking as a basis the fundamental principles of the Armenian Statehood and the nation-wide objectives enshrined in the Declaration on the Independence of Armenia, having fulfilled the sacred behest of its freedom-loving ancestors for the restoration of the sovereign state, committed to the strengthening and prosperity of the fatherland, with a view of ensuring the freedom of generations, general well-being and civic solidarity, assuring the allegiance to universal values — hereby adopt the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia

Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic-2021

We, the People of the Kyrgyz Republic, aspiring to secure the national revival of the Kyrgyz, the protection and development of interests of representatives of all nationalities, who together with the Kyrgyz form the people of Kyrgyzstan, following our ancestors precepts to live in unity, peace and concord; confirming our adherence to human rights and freedoms and the idea of national statehood; filled with a determination to develop an economy, political and legal institutions and a culture which provide appropriate living standards for everyone; proclaiming our adherence to national ethnic traditions and to moral principles common to all mankind; desiring to establish ourselves among peoples of the world as a free and democratic civil society; through our authorized representatives, hereby adopt this Constitution.

Speech by Foreign Minister of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan at OIC Foreign Ministers meeting in Islamabad – 19/12/2021

Currently there exists a great opportunity for foreign investment. We call on the international investors and specifically those from Islamic countries to begin investments in Afghanistan. We from our side assure them about providing all necessary facilities. As a result of the prevalent security, Afghanistan can now transform into a hub of regional economic connectivity.

Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution – Law of Saudi Arabia

Monitoring and inspection of prisons, detention centers and any places where criminal sentences are executed, as well as hearing complaints of prisoners and detainees, insuring the legality of their imprisonment or detention and the legality of their remaining in prison or the detention centers after the expiry of the period, taking necessary steps to release those imprisoned or detained without a legitimate cause and applying the law against those responsible for such action. The Minister of Interior shall be informed of any relevant observations, and a report shall be sub miffed to him regarding the conditions of the prisoners and detainees every six months

Agreement Establishing the Asian Clearing Union (ACU)-1974

The ACU was established at the initiative of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The Decision to establish the ACU was taken at the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Asian Economic Co-operation held in December 1970 at Kabul. The Draft Agreement Establishing the ACU was finalized at a meeting of senior officials of the Governments and central banks held at ESCAP, Bangkok, in December 1974 after five central banks (India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) signed the Agreement.

Law of the Republic of Belarus on the Constitutional Proceedings

constitutional proceedings - procedure of consideration of cases by the Constitutional Court, making judgments and decisions upon them as well as performance of procedural actions by judges of the Constitutional Court and participants of constitutional proceedings aiming at the realisation of their procedural rights and execution of their procedural obligations defined by this Law and other legislative acts;