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Open Parliament Licence under UK Law

‘Information’ means information protected by copyright or by database right (for example, literary and artistic works, content, data and source code) offered for use under the terms of this licence.

Intellectual property of copyright in case of derivative work prepared from sources in the public domain

In order to claim right in the derivative work containing the original material, the plaintiff is to show adaptation, abridgement, arrangement, dramatization or translation in his work entitling him to have certain rights. In order to qualify for independent right in derivative of collective work, the additional matter injected in a prior work on the matter of rearranging or otherwise transforming a prior work must constitute more than the minimal contribution which can be ascertained only if the prior work and the work done by the plaintiff is produced. In Eastern Book Company and Others Vs. D.B. Modak and Others and Mr. Navin J. Desai and Another, it was held that the copyright can be claimed in derivative work only in the following manner

Anton Piller orders

Anton Piller orders is Order Other than the extensive police powers under the Copyright Act, plaintiffs have various civil powers to enforce their right. Copyright owners and associations can employ civil procedure […]