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Delhi Jail Manual

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  1. Delhi Prison Act, 2000
  2. Delhi Classification of Prisons Rules, 1988
  3. Delhi Prisons (Definitions) Rules, 1988
  4. Delhi Prisons (Visitors of Prisons) Rules, 1988
  5. Delhi Prison (Powers and Duties of the Inspector General) Orders, 1988
  6. Delhi Prisons (Admission, Classification, Separation, Remission, Reward and Release of Prisoners) Rules, 1988
  7. Delhi Prisons (Custody of Prisoners) Rules, 1988
  8. Delhi Prisons (Discipline, Daily Routine,Offences and Punishments) Rules, 1988
  9. Delhi Prisons (Inspection, Meetings and Duties of Officers) Rules, 1988
  10. Delhi Prisons (Medical Administration), Rules 1988.
  11. Delhi Prisons (Prisoners Property, History Ticket, Civil Prisoners, Unconvicted prisoners, Judicial Solitary confinement, Cells and Treatment Therein) Rules, 1988.
    Delhi Prisons (Prisoners’ Welfare Fund, Appeals, Petitions, Interviews and Communications) Rules, 1988
  12. Delhi Prisons (Transfer of Prisoner, Labour and Jail Industry, Food, Clothings and Sanitation) Rules, 1988
  13. Delhi Prisons (Treatment of Convicts Sentenced to Simple Imprisonment, Death Female Prisoners, Youthful Prisoners, Leper Prisoners and Lunatic Prisoners) Rules, 1988
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