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Manual for Disabled Persons

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This Manual shall collect all the material available for the protection and development of the Disabled Person; in India they are often referred as Divangya . An inter-disciplinary approach has been adopted for discussing the popular issues pertaining to the Dvangayas nationally and Internationally.  Rights Of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016 has been discussed in a separate article.

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1. Constitutional protections
2. Identity shift of Disable to Divyanga 
3. Defining disability Nationally and internationally
4. Different types of Disability
5. Autonomy And personhood of Disabled Person
6. Legal Competency
7. Civil Liability of Disabled Person
8. Community Living
9. Health Care and rehabilitation
10. Cultural And Linguistic identity
11. Employment
12. Political participation and competency
13. Deinstitutionalization
14. Seclusion and restraints, torture
15. Mental health Care  laws
16. National human rights and other Organisational supports
17. Criminal Liabilities
18. Educational rights
19. Social protection
20. Right to die and allied issues
21. Disability and development
22.  Inheritance and Succession of Property
23. International humanitarian laws
24. Disability Asylums
25. Banking Loans
26. Housing facilities
27. Insurance
28. National and International events for Disabled Persons
29. Government schemes


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