Treaty between Ameer Dost Muhammad Khan & British India, 1855

countries of Afghanistan now in his possession ; concluded on the part of the British Government by John Lawrence, Esquire, Chief Commissioner of the Punjab in virtue of full powers vested in him by the most Noble James Andrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, KT, &C., Governor-General of India ; and on the part of the Ameer of Cabool, Dost Mohummud Khan by Sirdar Gholam Hydur Khan, in virtue of full authority granted to him by His Highness, - 1855.

Calcutta-John Welsh Dulles-1855

At the season of the Charak-pujah, Kali-ghat is a scene of more than ordinary interest. By sunrise the multitudes from every quarter of the native city pour forth like bees from their hives, and uniting in the suburb of Bhowanipur, stream towards the temple. The mass, arrayed in holiday robes, attend as spectators; others, with garlands of flowers about their necks, or with their bodies besmeared with ashes, are seen to be devotees.