Affidavit, Verification, Knowledge Information and Belief

Section 4 of the Indian Oaths Act lays down the authority to administer oaths and affirmations and it prescribes the courts and persons authorised to administer by themselves or by their officers empowere a that behalf oaths and affirmations in discharge of the duties or in exercise of the powers imposed upon them and they are all courts and persons having by law the authority to receive evidence.

Dalip Singh Versus State of U.P. and ORS -03/12/2009

False statement on oath-it is clear that in this case efforts to mislead the authorities and the courts have transmitted through three generations and the conduct of the appellant and his son to mislead the High Court and this Court cannot, but be treated as reprehensible. They belong to the category of persons who not only attempt, but succeed in polluting the course of justice.

Law of Affidavit

Meaning of Affidavit An affidavit is a written statement or declaration sworn and subscribed to before an authorized individual by the government to administer the oath. Section 297 Cr.P.C contemplates that the authorities before whom affidavits may be sworn. Affidavits…