Under Ministry of Commerce and Industry Intellectual Property Appellate Board has been constituted by a Gazette notification of the Central Government in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 15th September 2003 to hear appeals against the decisions of the Registrar under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. The Intellectual […]

“broadcasting” means the transmission by wireless means for public reception of sounds or of images and sounds or of the representations thereof; such transmission by satellite is also “broadcasting”; transmission of encrypted signals is “broadcasting” where the means for decrypting are provided to the public by the broadcasting organisation or with its consent;

The PCT is an international treaty with more than 153 Contracting States. The PCT procedure includes: Filing -International Search-International Preliminary Examination (optional) –National Phase The Contracting States, Desiring to make a contribution to the progress of science and technology, Desiring to perfect the legal protection of inventions, Desiring to simplify and render more economical the obtaining of protection for inventions where […]

The provisions of this Treaty and the Regulations shall apply to national and regional patents for invention, and to national and regional patents of addition, which have been granted with effect for a Contracting Party.

The High Court of Justice – Chancery Division, England, in Benchairs Ltd. Vs. Chair Centre Ltd.[1974 R.P.C. (14) 429 ], has given the essence of passing off and the same reads as under: “The essence of passing off is, it is said by Mr. Watson, and I agree, the false representation by the defendant that his goods are those of […]

Copyright Act, 1957 – Section 2 Section 2(p) reads as follows: musical work” means a work consisting of music and includes any graphical notation of such work but does not include any words or any action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the music The expression is defined to mean any composition that could be represented by any […]

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