The concept of "continuing offence" gets attracted from the date of deprivation of stridhan, for neither the husband nor any other family members can have any right over the stridhan and they remain the custodians... Regard being had to the said concept of ''continuing offence" and the demands made, we are disposed to think that the application was not barred by limitation and the courts below as well as the High Court had fallen into a grave error by dismissing the application being barred by limitation.

Deadline to file writ petition is extended 150 days from the date of lower court judgment due to Covid-19: US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Clerk will entertain motions to delay distribution of a petition for writ of certiorari where the grounds for the motion are that the petitioner needs additional time to file a reply due to difficulties relating to COVID-19. Such motions will ordinarily be granted by the Clerk as a matter of course if the length of the extension requested is reasonable under the circumstances and if the motion is actually received by the Clerk at least two days prior to the relevant distribution date.

Dungarmall Sarewalla Jain And  vs Rukma Kumar Jalal [CHC]-3/10/1969

if after the decree or order is prepared, an application is made for copy, then under the Explanation the time required for preparation of the decree or order, shall be not excluded from the time required for obtaining a certified copy, in other words, it will be included in the time for copy and thus necessarily for limitation.

The State of West Bengal   Versus The Administrator, Howrah Municipality and others- 14/12/1971.

AIR 1972 SC 749 : (1972) 2 SCR 874 : (1972) 1 SCC 366 (SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) The State of West Bengal   Versus The Administrator, Howrah Municipality and others (Before : C. A. Vaidialingam And K. K. Mathew, JJ.)…

Sopanrao & ANR. Vs. Syed Mehmood & Ors-03/07/19

CIVIL SUIT-The limitation for filing a suit for possession on the basis of title is 12 years . Merely because one of the reliefs sought is of declaration that will not mean that the outer limitation of 12 years is lost. In a suit filed for possession based on title the plaintiff is bound to prove his title and pray for a declaration that he is the owner of the suit land because his suit on the basis of title cannot succeed unless he is held to have some title over the land.


when would the period of limitation for execution of a decree passed in a suit for partition commence. In other words, question is when such a decree becomes enforceable - from the date when the decree is made or when the decree is engrossed on the stamp paper. Which, out of these two, would be the starting point of limitation?

Right to sue means

The statute of Limitation was intended to provide a time limit for all suits conceivable. Section 3 of the Limitation Act provides that a suit, appeal or application instituted after the prescribed "period of limitation" must subject to the provisions…