Question of Hindu Minorities in Pakistan – Speech by Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Parliament-15/11/1952

I was one of those who was against the division of India under any circumstances. I supported the partition of Bengal and the partition of the Punjab only after it was decided that the partition of India was inevitable, because then Mr. Jinnah’s claim was that the whole of Bengal and the whole of the Punjab should go into Pakistan. What we did was not to agree to the partition of India but we supported a movement which led to the partition of Pakistan itself.

Lok Sabha Debates on Sethu-Samudram Canal Project-16/05/2007

I should address you better late than never. The subject must have already been within your attention, and is known as Sethu-Samundram Shipping Canal project…..the facts with scientific objectivity and national anxiety. My appeal to you is to stop building any bridge or other construction, an action hostile to the nation and its Swaraj. Our nation will be weaken and may suffer new dangers with American presence in the Sethu-Samundram waters by doing what for centuries has never been considered necessary or feasible or in any manner advantageous to us

Statement of HM Patil regarding incident of firing in Nandigram of WB on 14.03.2007

I was told that near two places in Nandigram area a large number of people had collected and they were objecting to the acquisition of agricultural land. They were also not allowing the construction of road and bridges to take place. They were obstructing the work that was going on over there. So, the workers were going to that place to construct the road and the bridges. They were also supported by the police. It seems that when they came close to each other some altercation took place and stones were thrown at each other.

Hindi as Official language in UNO

The United Nations (UN) has a specific procedure for a language to be recognized as an official language of UN. According to that procedure, getting Hindi accepted as an official language of the UN will involve adoption of a Resolution by the UN General Assembly with a minimum two-third majority, as the additional expenditure, according to UN rules have to be contributed by all member states.