Blocking Property With Respect to the Situation in Burma-Executive Order 12/02/2021

I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, find that the situation in and in relation to Burma, and in particular the February 1, 2021, coup, in which the military overthrew the democratically elected civilian government of Burma and unjustly arrested and detained government leaders, politicians, human rights defenders, journalists, and religious leaders, thereby rejecting the will of the people of Burma as expressed in elections held in November 2020 and undermining the country's democratic transition and rule of law, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

U.S President Biden imposes sanction in Response to Coup in Burma

Imposing new sanctions on military individuals and entities: Today, President Biden launched a new sanctions regime targeting the Burmese military and its leaders, as well as their business interests. The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated 10 individuals and three entities for their association with the military apparatus responsible for the coup. Among these individuals are six members of the National Defense and Security Council, including Commander-in-Chief of the Burmese military forces Min Aung Hlaing and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Burmese military forces Soe Win, as well as four members of the State Administration Council.

Statement by U.S President Joseph Biden on the Situation in Burma(Myanmar)-1/2/2021

The military’s seizure of power in Burma, the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian officials, and the declaration of a national state of emergency are a direct assault on the country’s transition to democracy and the rule of law. In a democracy, force should never seek to overrule the will of the people or attempt to erase the outcome of a credible election. For almost a decade, the people of Burma have been steadily working to establish elections, civilian governance, and the peaceful transfer of power. That progress should be respected.

Security Council were briefed on Myanmar military’s detention of civilian leaders and declaration of a year-long emergency

On 1 February, the military (known as the Tatmadaw) detained National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint and other political leaders. The Tatmadaw’s actions reverse a ten-year period of democratic transition following 50 years of military rule. These events took place the same day the new parliament was to convene for the first time following the 8 November elections, where the NLD obtained more than 80 percent of the democratically contested seats and increased its parliamentary majority.

Wagaru Dhammath of Burma-King Wareru of Pegu Dynasty-1300 CE

When this universe had reached the period of firmly established continuancy, the original inhabitants of this world conjointly entreated the great king Mahasammata to become their ruler; the pouring of water (abhisekam) which inaugurated his reign took place beneath the Udumbara tree. King Mahasammata gov­erned the world with righteousness. Now the king had a wise nobleman called Manu, who was well versed in the law. This nobleman Manu, desiring the good of all men, and being also opportuned by King Mahasammata, rose into the expanse of heaven, and having arrived at the boundary wall of the world, he there saw (this lawbook written in) letters of the size of a full-grown cow ; he committed them to memory and, having returned, com­municated the same to King Mahasammata

Population Control Healthcare Law: Myanmar

Union Territory Governing Body and Region or State government taking the assistance of experts shall conduct a survey to ascertain whether the high population density, increasing population growth rate, high birthrate, high maternal and child mortality rate, and high migration rate cause or risk the cause of imbalance between population and resources, declining socio-economic indicators, and food insufficiency in their respective regions.