Remarks of US VP Kamala Harris to U.S. and Polish Troops – 11/03/2022

We talked about the fact that Poland joined NATO in 1999. And since 2014, the United States made a commitment to our friends in Poland to support you. And that’s when we first sent troops on a rotational basis, averaging about 5,000, and then over the course of the last couple of months, another 4,700 to stand with you in the alliance that is the NATO Alliance.

Poland Council of Ministers adopted a draft Homeland Defence Act – Higher level of funding for Polish Army-22/02/2022 

The Council of Ministers adopted a draft Homeland Defence Act. It is a response to the increasingly difficult geopolitical situation in the region. The proposed changes are aimed at strengthening the Polish army – increase in the number of soldiers to around 300,000, increase in the budget for defence, as well as technical modernisation of the army. Moreover, the Act organises regulations concerning the Polish Armed Forces.

Source of Law in Poland

Acts of generally applicable law are published in official publications : Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, Official Journal of the Republic of Poland - "Monitor Polski", official journals of ministers, official journals of central offices and voivodeship official journals.

Roosevelt’s letter to Stalin on composition of postwar Polish Government-06/02/1945

It goes without saying that any interim government could be formed as a result of our conference with the Poles here would be pledged to the holding of free elections in Poland at the earliest possible date. I know this is completely consistent with your desire to see a new free and democratic Poland emerge from the welter of this war.