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List of Prepositions

aboard about above across after against along amid among around as at before behind below beneath beside between beyond but by concerning considering despite down during except following for from in inside […]

Panini Astadhyayi Gana patha अष्टाध्यायी-गणपाठः

अष्टाध्यायी-गणपाठः गणपाठः 1. सर्वादिः सर्वादीनिसर्वनामानि१.१.२७ सर्वादि। सर्व। विश्व। उभ। उभय। डतर। डतम। अन्य। अन्यतर। इतर। त्वत्। त्व। नेम। सम। सिम। पूर्वपरावरदक्षिणोत्तरापराधराणिव्यवस्थायामसंज्ञायाम्। स्वमज्ञातिधनाख्यायाम्। अन्तरंबहिर्योगोपसंव्यानयोः। त्यद्। यद्। एतद्। इदम्। अदस्। एक। द्वि। युष्मद्। अस्मद्। […]


A mere misconstruction of a provision of law does not render the decision of a quasi-judicial tribunal void (as being beyond its jurisdiction). It is a good and valid decision in law until and unless it is corrected in the appropriate manner. So long as that decision stands, despite its being erroneous, it must be regarding as one authorised by law and where, under such a decision a person is held liable to pay a tax that person cannot treat the decision as a nullity and contend that what is demanded of him is something which is not authorised by law. The position would be the same even though upon a proper construction, the law under which the decision was given did not authorise such a levy.

Police power

We are familiar with the expression “police power” which is in vogue in the United States of America. ‘This expression simply denotes that in special cases the State can step in where […]