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How to give waqf property on lease in India

The mutawalli or Board shall invite applications from persons desiring to take the property on lease under sub-rule (1) by publishing a notice in the surrounding vicinity, distributing leaflets, pamphlets or beating of drums and pasting the said notice on any conspicuous place like mosque or any other public place.

বাড়ী ভাড়া নিয়ন্ত্রণ আইন ১৯৯১- Bari Bhara Niyantran Aain-1991

“বাড়ী-মালিক” অর্থ কোন ব্যক্তি যিনি আপাততঃ নিজের বা অন্য কোন ব্যক্তির পক্ষে বা অন্য কোন ব্যক্তির উপকারার্থ বা কোন ব্যক্তির ট্রাষ্টি, বা রিসিভার হিসাবে কোন বাড়ীর ভাড়া পান বা পাইবার অধিকারী হন, বা যিনি বাড়ীটি ভাড়া দেওয়া হইলে উক্তরূপ ভাড়া পাইতেন বা ভাড়া পাইবার অধিকারী হইতেন এবং Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (V of 1908) এ সংজ্ঞায়িত কোন আইনগত প্রতিনিধি (Legal representative) উপ-ভাড়া প্রদানকারী কোন ভাড়াটিয়া এবং বাড়ী-মালিক হইতে স্বত্ব প্রাপ্ত কোন ব্যক্তিও ইহার অন্তর্ভুক্ত হইবে;

East India Company v. Autrobus-House of Lords 14/12/1812

United Kingdom

Respondent was entitled only to such less sums than 2 s. 9 d. in the pound as had been accustomed to be paid; or, at least, that an issue ought to be directed to try the question as to such customary payments: that where the last rents of houses formerly standing on the site of the present buildings were known, but no customary payments proved, the tithe ought to be calculated according to the last known rent, and not upon the improved value; and that, where no last rents were known, no tithe ought to be paid.

Om Prakash Vs. Suresh Kumar-30/01/2020


The principal argument of the appellant is that the statement made by his counsel before the High Court was not binding on him, as it was made without his instructions.We hasten to add neither the client nor the court is bound by the lawyer’s statements or admissions as to matters of law or legal conclusions. Thus, according to generally accepted notions of professional responsibility, lawyers should follow the client’s instructions rather than substitute their judgment for that of the client. We may add that in some cases, lawyers can make decisions without consulting the client.



It is a settled position of law that once tenancy is created, a tenant can be evicted only after following the due process of law, as prescribed under the provisions of the Rent Control Act. A tenant cannot be arbitrarily evicted by using the provisions of the SARFAESI Act as that would amount to stultifying the statutory rights of protection given to the tenant….