RBI Payment and settlements in India: Vision-2019-21

ayment and settlement systems are the backbone of any economy. The last decade has witnessed substantial developments in this area of activity across the country. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), under powers from the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007, has endeavoured to ensure that India has ‘state-of-the-art’ payment and settlement systems that are not just safe and secure, but are also efficient, fast and affordable. Efforts in this direction has yielded handsome results.

India’s bilateral trade turnover with Ukraine was US$ 2.52 billion in 2019-20

Pharmaceuticals account for majority of Indian exports to Ukraine. India is the third largest exporter of pharmaceutical products to Ukraine, after Germany and France, in value terms. A number of Indian companies like Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Sun Group etc. have their representative offices in Ukraine. Representatives of major pharmaceutical companies have set up an Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (IPMA) in Ukraine.

Destructive policies implemented by NATO – Statement of Fed Council of Fed Assembly of Russian Federation-10/04/2019

At the end of the Cold War, the common intention of NATO Member States and countries that formerly belonged to the Warsaw Pact to build brand new relations and security architecture in the Euro-Atlantic region was enshrined in a number of international documents. Thus, the Charter of Paris for a New Europe signed in Paris on 21 November 1990 asserts that security is indivisible and the security of every State is inseparably linked to that of all the others.

Hague Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters-2019

The Convention of 2 July 2019 on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters (HCCH 2019 Judgments Convention) facilitates the effective international circulation of judgments in civil or commercial matters. By setting forth commonly accepted conditions for recognition and enforcement—and agreed grounds for refusal—the Convention provides legal certainty and predictability to parties involved in cross-border transactions, providing clarity as to whether and to what extent a judgment will be recognised and enforced in another jurisdiction. By ensuring the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, the Convention enhances access to justice by reducing legal timeframes, costs and risks in cross-border circumstances. The Convention generally strengthens a positive national and international environment for multilateral trade, investment, and mobility.

Main Characteristics of On-line Journalism in Communication of Information

The traditional news media aresubject to some restrictionsof transmission speed. Transmission means of the newspaper with paper as a medium is the post and delivery. Therefore, its transmission speed is affected by transmission vehicle, salesservice and postman's role. Radio and TV broadcast transmit their informationto some regions by means of wireless electronic signals, thus being restricted by receiver regionswhere signals can be transmitted. A relaying auxiliary means needs to be where the signals fail to reach for their successful transmission.

Remarks at the University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg-26/08/2019

n my college years, 1950-1954, it was widely thought that women were not suited for many of life’s occupations — lawyering and bartending, military service, foreign service, driving trucks, piloting planes, policing, serving on juries, to take just a few of many examples that now seem senseless. It was exhilarating to help bring down the barriers that, in Justice Brennan’s words, put women less “on a pedestal,” than “in a cage.” So much has changed for the better since then. True, we have not reached Nirvana, but the progress I have seen in my lifetime makes me optimistic for the future.

China’s National Defense in the New Era – The white paper 2019

"Peace is an aspiration for all peoples, and development is an eternal theme of humanity". Contents Preface I. International Security Situation II. China’s Defensive National Defense Policy in the New Era III. Fulfilling the Missions and Tasks of China’s Armed…

Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents-Executive Order-9/10/2019

Executive Order 13891 October 9, 2019 Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to…